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You purchase it at the nearest computer shop but they don't sell them much because of windows 7.

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How many editions of Windows Vista are there?

There are six editions of Windows Vista, namely: Windows Vista Starter Edition (For emerging markets) Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista Ultimate

What is Windows Vista home premium lite?

That edition of Windows Vista does not exist. Windows Vista exists in two editions for home users: Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium.

Windows Vista is on one partition and Windows 7 on the other if you upgrade Windows Vista to Windows Vista ultimate does it delete Windows 7?

No your windows 7 will not deleted

What is the difference between Windows Vista and Windows Vista ready?

Windows Vista Ready means that the PC does not have Windows Vista on it, but it can be easily upgraded for an additional price. If you buy a PC with Vista, you will get Vista already installed for no extra money.

If you had a Windows xp and upgrade to vista when you reboot it will it be windos xp?

No. Obviously, if you upgrade to Windows Vista, you will have Windows Vista.

If you have Windows XP and you download SP1 for Windows Vista will it turn it into Windows Vista?


How do you make Windows XP look like Windows Vista?

By going to purchase Windows Vista9By going to purchase Windows Vista

What were Bill Gates Inventions?

Xbox Xbox 360 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Professional Windows Vista Home Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Business Premium Windows Vista Ultimate Windows Server ALTAIR BASIC Interpreter.

Can you have Windows Vista on an iPhone?

Windows Vista is not an option for the iPhone.

How do you update from Windows Vista 64X to Windows Vista?

what do you mean from windows vista x64 to windows vista? they are both the same thing. there is win32 and win64. so i don't know what you mean by that

What are Windows Vista games?

Windows Vista games are games that belong to Windows Vista, which can be accessed through their Windows Vista software. You can easily download free games onto your computer.

What is the original cost of Windows Vista?

Windows Vista Ultimate $499 Windows XP Professional w/SP2 $429 Windows Vista Business $379 Windows Vista Home Premium $299 Windows Vista Home Basic $259 These prices are in Canadian Dollars...

What are the differences between Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Home Premium?

What are the system requirements for Windows Movie Maker?

System requirements for Windows Movie Maker v2.1 can be found at this URL: requirements for Windows Movie Maker v2.6:Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows Vista Business; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Home Basic; Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Vista Starter; Windows Vista UltimateMovie Maker v2.6 requires a version of Microsoft Windows Vista that has the Vista version of Movie Maker already installed.

What is the best version of windows vista?

windows vista ultimate since it has al that vista offers

Can Windows Vista PC handle 2000 GB memory?

No.Windows Vista's physical memory limits are 4 GB (for 32-bit) and 128 GB (for 64-bit) for the Ultimate version.Here are the memory limits for some versions of Vista:32-bitsWindows Vista Ultimate: 4 GBWindows Vista Enterprise: 4 GBWindows Vista Business: 4 GBWindows Vista Home Premium: 4 GBWindows Vista Home Basic: 4 GBWindows Vista Starter: 1 GB64-bitsWindows Vista Ultimate: 128 GBWindows Vista Enterprise: 128 GBWindows Vista Business: 128 GBWindows Vista Home Premium: 16 GBWindows Vista Home Basic: 8 GBWindows Vista Starter: N/A

When was Windows Vista introduced?

Microsoft Windows Vista was released July 2005. After the release of Windows Vista. Microsoft introduced Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Is Windows Vista Windows AMD64 or Windows binary?

Every Windows Distribution is writen in binary non Open Source files. By the way, there are different versions of Windows Vista: Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows Vista 32-bit. Windows Vista 64-bit or x64 can work with 64-bit AMD Processors.

What year was Windows Vista created?

windows vista was accomplished in 2007

What kind of software is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is an operating system.

Who develop Windows Vista?

"Microsoft". XP, Vista and Windows 7

Micro soft windows and micro soft vista are what?

Microsoft windows is a program and windows vista is a version of windows

Which is faster Windows XP or Windows Vista?

windows Xp is better but Vista is slightly faster

Can you update from Windows xp to windows vista?

Yes you can via a Windows Vista CD or DVD.

Which edtition of Vista allows you to install a language pack by using Windows Updates?

windows vista ultimate also windows vista enterprise.

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