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How do you get Zapdos in Pokemon FireRed?

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December 07, 2016 11:03PM

your probably gonna need something better than a masterball but it dosent matter. your also goona need the HM surf. if you don't have this then you need to get it. Head along the path to the east of Cerulean city until you find water. surf south in the water until you spot the powerplant on shore, enter and look around until you find Zapdos. SAVE BEFORE YOU BATTLE HIM. If you have a master ball you can use that strait away. if you have anything else you may need to weaken him alot. if you accidently kill him then just go back to the last save spot.
you can find zapdos at the power plant in cerulan city go east cut down the tree keep walking till you see the white gate go through the opening and surf down and you will find the power plant were zapdos is!

to catch zapdos you must be able to surf first of all next go near rock tunnel there is a Pokemon center near the tunnel to the right is a surfing spot you must surf down to find the power plant inside are a lot of electric type Pokemon including electabuzz and at the end of the plant is zapdos and please save your game before attempting to catch it.
go to the power plant by rock tunnel by surfing

click bag and go to poke balls and click on a ball and keep tapping a

it is in power plant

You need to complete the Power Plant mission. Then Zapdos will be waiting outside.

First you need the gym badge that allowes you to use surf. Then go to rock tunnel. Make sure you go to the entrance that is NOT near lavender town. You don't go in rock tunnel, instead go up until you see water then use surf and surf down the turn left and keep surfing until you see the power plant. Go in it and work yourself through the plant. At the end is the legendary Zapdos. It is on lv. 50 so be preparred. Have at least 40 ultra balls.

~you can also just use a pokeball, cause that's what i caught mine with, after pushing a, a, a, up, up, up, a, a, a, up, up, up, etc. over and over again.~
Go to the power plant hes all the way at the end