How do you get a 10 million dollar loan to build a luxury hotel and resort?

Prepare and incredible business plan. That's the first step. Make sure you are objective about dollars and cents. We all think that we are going to be a booming success right off the jump, but that is rarely the case. You didn't say if you had a detailed plan, where the property will be located, whether you have money to put down, if an established company will be signing to borrow the funds, or if you planned on signing the promise to pay on your own. All these questions and more need to be answered to direct you to the best place to accomplish your goals. If you need assistance, there are many local volunteer agencies now that are ran by former top business men and women. Most are retired from very successful companies and donate their time to help up and coming entrepreneurs. These women and men are INCREDIBLE sources of information for what it takes to make a business really work. They have run into just about every problem you can imagine in their lives. I have found that they often have many connections that become just as valuable as their knowledge. Of course, most of the old timers will not be up on the new technology that is available, but you aren't asking them to program your VCR, you are asking them how to be a success in the long run. I hope this at least answered some of your question. If you want to give more info about where you are in the process, I'd be happy to help you with a laundry list. GET CONNECTED. Making friends is the best way to get anything done.