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How do you get a 3-year-old boy to poop in the potty?

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I did the schedule with my son. What that is is every morning at the same time put him on the potty whether he has to do 1 or 2 or nothing. Then every 1/2 or so after he eats put him on the potty. Before you leave to go somewhere and when you come home put him on the potty. Its pure and simple repetition. Of course, when he does either make some sort of a big deal about it. Sing a song, clap, jump up and down, children do love to please. It will take a little time but eventually he will do it on his own. Talk to him and even mention when you got to go. Say some- thing like. "Oh, mommy/daddy feels like they got to go potty" and when you come out say "I guess I was right, I did have to go potty" Im sure all sorts of conversations will start from there but this actually works. I dont believe in bribery or store rewards, simple treats from home are o.k. You can make a calendar and have him mark it when he goes and at the end of the week do his favorite activity or make his favorite meal or dessert. Good luck, its a memory that will stick with you forever.....

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Your daughter is potty trained but will not poop in potty?

try rewarding her when she does.

What should you do if your 2 year old will pee in the potty but will not poop and uses a nappy to poop?

Give the child more time to become accustomed to the potty. Try a reward system (something small like a cookie or cracker) for peeing in the potty and explain that the same works for poop in the potty, too, but not for poop in the diaper. Maybe after a while if they poop in their nappy give them a time out for not doing what they are supposed to do.

Almost 4 year old boy uses the potty to pee but will ask for a pull up to poop in and not poop in the potty even though that is where he tells you it is supposed to go?

if your son is not pooping on the potty then you tell him that he needs to if he asks for a pull-up don't give it to him and if he wears pull-ups get him underwear if he poops in them let him stay in the dirty underwear for about 5-10 minutes so he can understand that pooping in his pants isn't comfortable and then he will go on the potty

Why do kids poop in there pants?

because they aren't potty trained

Is there a pooping on a toilet song?

Well, there is a funny Potty training song on youtube about defecating in the potty. It's called:Poop Song-Potty Training 101

How do you say poop in Punjabi?

Poop is an English word. It is said as Tatti in Punjabi. It is also called as Potty.

Why do bears poop in the woods?

Because there's no port-a-potty to fit them?

Do dogs poop in the house?

sometimes if they are not potty trained young or can not hold it

Why do cats cover up their poop after going potty?

Cats cover their poop after they go potty naturally. this is because when cats are in the wild, predators can track them down by the smell of their poop. i know it sounds weird, but it works! so the cat will cover up their poop so the predators cannot smell it! smart, huh?

Why does your child poop in his bedroom?

SOunds like needs additional potty training

When was the first poop poop?

in 2020 the worst year ever poop it had farted poop on use and poopfarticause was the first to eat. poop and make a dink out of it he is my hero i miss you poopfarticause you will always be in memories every day i will sit on the potty and poop just for you

Why did the boy poop in his pants?

The boy did poop in his pants because he panicked and therefore felt nervous.

What happens when you poop yourself?

You are a dirty pig who has no control, go to the toilet and potty train yourself!

How do you say please poop on the potty in spanish?

Por favor caca en el orinal

How do you potty train a boy at 4?

Put him on the toilet

What do you do if your 3 year old daughter refuses to poop on potty?

Answer Take your time with her, this is all new to her, but at the same time, you have to be firm with her and let her know how upset mommy is when she doesn't go on the potty.

How do you potty train a guinea pig?

every guinea pig in a cage has a corner they mostly poop in. all you have to do is find a different type of litter that your guinea pigs love and put that in their " potty corner " of their cage and they`ll start pooping in it more often. you cant fully potty train a guinea pig because even if this works they`ll still poop outside of the corner one in a while!

How do you get a 3 year old to poop in the potty?

praise him/her to go poo poo in the potty and reward him/her when they do go poo poo in the potty like they pooed gold! Saw The Nanny on TV and they did the Potty-dance every time the child went. It was brilliant. Make up some simple lyrics and do a little dance every time.

How do you potty train a three year old boy who is afraid of the potty?

tell them the monster in their pullups is going to eat them if they dont use the toilet

How do you potty train an intact boy?

The same way a circumcised one ! Keep putting them on the potty so they get used to it. Eventually they realise this is where they do there business.

Can a dog poop on a potty patch?

it takes lots of training but if the dogs not completely disobediant, your hard work will be payed off

How do you make your hamster poop in its cage not in its ball?

I have had that problem for years. Until I learned how to potty train them. Click on the link below.

How do you get a 4 year old boy to poop in the potty he knows that is where the poop goes and not in his pants he pees in potty no problem have tried everything?

my sister had the same problem with my nephew. do not give him the pull-ups. let him go around with no pants at all and when he has to go - he will eventually use the toilet. also, the toilet may be too high for him. get a little stool for him to climb up on and make a big deal about the little foot stool itself - tell him it is magic, etc. etc.

How do you you potty-train a 2 year old boy?

you tell him hess out of diapers then you sit on the potty as an example then he should do it mommy does the example or else they dont do it

Why does Toddler holds in poop. and how do you get him to stop. not potty trained and is 4 years old.?

toddler does not want poop in his diapers. Just make him say like poo-poo when he has to go and you can take him to the bathroom. =)

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