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How do you get a 3-year-old boy to poop in the potty?



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I did the schedule with my son. What that is is every morning at the same time put him on the potty whether he has to do 1 or 2 or nothing. Then every 1/2 or so after he eats put him on the potty. Before you leave to go somewhere and when you come home put him on the potty. Its pure and simple repetition. Of course, when he does either make some sort of a big deal about it. Sing a song, clap, jump up and down, children do love to please. It will take a little time but eventually he will do it on his own. Talk to him and even mention when you got to go. Say some- thing like. "Oh, mommy/daddy feels like they got to go potty" and when you come out say "I guess I was right, I did have to go potty" Im sure all sorts of conversations will start from there but this actually works. I dont believe in bribery or store rewards, simple treats from home are o.k. You can make a calendar and have him mark it when he goes and at the end of the week do his favorite activity or make his favorite meal or dessert. Good luck, its a memory that will stick with you forever.....