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Don't worry about it. You're so young, why rush things. However if you really like her, why not ask her to an amusement park or carnival for the day. Your parents (or hers) can take you on some Saturday. OR ask her to be your field trip buddy the next time your class goes somewhere. Whatever you do, take it slow. Don't rush into adulthood.

....Thanks dude that totaly helps me with this girl I like.

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How do you get a fourth grade girl?

You don't "get" a 4th grade girl. She is not an object you buy, but a person with thoughts and feelings. If you are in 4th grade too be her friend. If you are older leave her alone.

How do you get a 4th grade girl friend?

You have to be nice and tell her in 5th grade?

Would he date 4th grade girl?

=== ===

How do you make a boy at ninth grade to fall in love with a girl at fourth grade?

U dont no 9th grader would ever go out with a 4th grader

How do you know if a girl likes me in 4th grade?

Ask her

What is the average height of 4th grade girl?


How do you get a 4th grade boy to like a 5th grade girl?

well, get to know her as a friend

Im in the 4th grade but you want to go out with a girl in the 5th grade how do you ask her?

you should just become friends with her first and if she really likes you age won't matter.

Girl Scout Program?

form_title=GIrl Scout Program form_header=Girl Scouts helps young ladies develop valuable life and leadership skills. Find a program in your area. What grade is you child in?*= {Pre K, Kindergarden, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade} What school does your child go to?*= _[50] Has your daughter ever been involved with girl scouts before?*= () Yes () No

What is the grade for a ten year old?

If the boy/girl started school late, 4th grade If the boy/girl started school early, 6th grade If the boy/girl started school on time, 5th grade

How do you make a fifth grade girl be a 4th graders girlfriend?

Just ask and say I love you girl so be my gf I'm a 5th grade girl

What grade is Kenny Watson in the watsons go to Birmingham?

4th grade

Is it okay for a 4th grade girl to love a eighth grade boy?

depends on what the 8th grade boy looks like!

Can sixth grade boys date ninth grade girls?

To me it really doesn't matter if that girl like you and you like her then go for it but it unusual for a 6th grade boy go for a 9th grade girl but like i said go for it

How do you say i like you to a girl 4th grade?

I like this girl named sindy one day I told her I love her you can make her a song and give her candy and go and tell her

How can a fourth grade girl kiss a 4th grade boy likes her?

You shoudn't be kissing in the fourth grade. yeah i totally agree!

How do you get a 6th grade girl to like a 4th grade boy?

no chance, buddy. i am a sixth grade girl and there is no way I would date a nine or ten year old boy. sorry.

Can a girl in 9th grade go out with a guy in 12th grade?

Yes. but be careful with that....

Can a 6th grade girl go out with a 5th grade boy?

yess its possible....

How does a fifth grader ask out a fourth grader?

Depends on two things. 1. if you go to the same school 2. if it's a 5th grade boy, asking out a 4th grade girl, or the oppisite.

How do you get a 4th grade girlfriend?

You can ask then if they want to go out

Could you go out with ray ray if im in fifth grade?

this girl tata is in the 3rd grade but she says she in the 5th grade but she wants to go out with you

What is the fastest time a 4th grade girl has run a mile?

4.9 minunetes

How do you get a girl in fourth grade like you like Rose and Jack in Titanic?

You can't. Rose and Jack were fiction and never were real. At 4th grade you are way too young to think this way . Go play.

How do i get a girlfriend when I'm in the fourth grade?

Ok so I'm in 4th grade. I got a girl friend just by simply asking her out. This is exactly what I said "Hey Lily? Do you wanna go out?" It's that simple. So if you want a girl friend just ask her out!

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