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How do you get a Mewtwo back that mysteriously disappeared when you captured Articuno in Pokemon?

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u cant u cant

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How do you get an Articuno in Pokemon Ranger?

You can't get Articuno in Pokemon Ranger.

How do you get articuno in Pokemon world 7.6?

articuno is not in pokemon world 7.6

Who evolves into articuno?

No Pokemons evolve into Articuno since its a legendary pokemon. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARTICUNO IS A LEGENDARY POKEMON DUMMBUT

Which trainers have an articuno in Pokemon pearl?

No trainers will have articuno.

Where can you find Articuno in emerald?

u can only get articuno in Pokemon firered, leafgreen and Pokemon Platinum u can't get articuno in emerald

Where is articuno in Pokemon sapphire?

You cannot catch Articuno in Pokemon Sapphire, but you can trade it from FireRed or LeafGreen.

Where to find Articuno in Pokemon Emerald?

Articuno cannot be found in Pokemon Emerald.Articuno is found in Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed.Find it just outside of fortree in the long grass

How do you breed an articuno?

Articuno is a legendary pokemon. They can't be bred.

How do you get articuno in pokemon soul sliver?

Articuno is in Seafoam Island.

Where is articuno in pokemon gold-?

Articuno is found in Pokemon Gold at Seaform Islands. You can find Articuno a few levels down the islands on level 50.

Pokemon FireRed which legindary Pokemon is the best to catchn?

It depends, for me the easiest was articuno. It depends, for me the easiest was articuno.

Where do you get Articuno in Pokemon FireRed?

You can catch Articuno on seafoam island whenever you don't have to beat the Pokemon League.

Where is articuno in Pokemon Red?

Articuno is found within Seafoam Islands.

What is Articuno?

Articuno is a flying/ice type legendary bird pokemon.

Does articuno evolve?

Articuno is a legendary and legendary Pokemon don't evolve.

Is Articuno the Pokemon a legendary?

YES articuno is a legendary pokemon...along with moltres and zapdos. all those are legendary

Where do you find Articuno in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't find Articuno in pokemondiamond but you can migrate it in pokemon leaf green version or pokemon fire red version.

Where is Articuno in Pokemon Pearl?

I'm sorry, but articuno isn't in pokemon pearl, it's only in pokemon platinum (talking about the ds games)

How rare is articuno?

There is only one Articuno, but hundreds of pikachu, squirtles, and so on. If you catch Articuno, you have a Pokemon that no one else can have. The last thing is besides Delibird, Articuno is the only Pokemon that is both ice and flying.

What are all the legendary Pokemon that you can get on Pokemon LeafGreen?

In PoKeMoN FireRed/ LeafGreen all the PoKeMoN that can be captured in the Kanto region and not from the Hoenn region would be: - Arcanine (the PoKeDex classifies it as a Legendary Pokemon) - Articuno [ Ice/ Flying ] - Zapdos [ Electric/ Flying ] - Moltres [ Fire/ Flying ]

What level is articuno in Pokemon FireRed?

in both firered &leafgreen articuno is of 50lv

What do you do if Articuno leaves seafoam cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Then have a friend give you articuno.

How do you get articuno on Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Diamond, I found Articuno in Safari Zone, I just don't know if it works in Pokemon pearl, (Area 1)...

Where is Articuno in Pokemon Diamond?

The only way to obtain Articuno in Pokemon Diamond is to trade it from GBA via Pal Park.

How do you catch Articuno in Pokemon Crystal?

You cant catch Articuno in Pokemon Crystal, only in Blue, Red and Yellow. But i am not sure about that.