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your truck has a passcode II security system installed on it. went the key is in the ignition and turned forward a code is sent to the computer telling it to start and turns off the security mode. The only way to bypass this is to install a resistor between the yellow and black wires coming off the key switch going to the computer. You'll need to cut the yellow wire in half and resistor the wire side that heads towards the dash. Cap off the side that comes from the key switch.( you wont use it anymore) To find out what size resistor to install you'll need a vom meter. Put in in ohms mode and read the resistance from the yellow wire on the key side of the switch and the black wire.( you'll want to crank the engine for a second and watch the meter leaving the key turned on) when the numbers on the meter stop.. that's the resistor size you'll need to buy from radio shack. 99cents or so) solder in the resistor cuz if this connection becomes loose, your truck wont start. these wires are about 18 guage in size. alot smaller than the 12 guage wires running with-em. good luck!! Dr. Paul

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Q: How do you get a Silverado out of security mode?
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