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How do you get a WWE job?

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go to a live WWE show and attack one of the wrestlers like chris Jericho and deck him so bad that they gonna have to put u ina storyline.......but in the end youll go to jail....have fun in jail :P

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What job does WWE rikishi has?

Rikishi doesnt work for the WWE.

How can you get a job at WWE and have a WWE super star come to your house?

It depends how far you live for them to travel to your house. And about the job thing there is a website where you can sign up on just try goggling getting a job in wwe.

How you can join WWE as a wrestler?

You tell the wwe and they train you and then get a job as a superstar

How can you earn money from WWE?

Get a job there?

How can you apply for a job as a wrestler in WWE?

Jump off a building and you have the job.

How old can you be to get a job at the WWE?

You have to be 18 and older.

How would you get a job writing for the WWE?


How easy is it to get a job in the WWE?

not easy at all

What is john cena's job?

He is a Professional Wrestler for the WWE...

Why did coach leave WWE?

He was offered a job with ESPN.

Why is Vickie Guerrero still in WWE?

Because she is good at her job, she is the best heel manager that WWE has had in a long time!!

Can I get a job with the wwe with out a Degree?

yes but you have to tell mr machon

Is James Storm coming to WWE?

No he has said on numerous occasions that he happy with his job with TNA and does not wish to leave he helped build the company, before that he tried to get a job with WWE but they wouldn't take him

How do you get a job at the WWE at 13?

You cannot get a job with the WWE at the age of 13. This is because child labor laws usually prevent children under age 18 from working in certain environments.

How do you work for WWE?

here is a link where you can choose and apply for a wwe job .

Do you have to have a college degree to be in the WWE?

There are no educational requirements to be in the WWE. Boy are you ever wrong!! Obviously you have never read the job postings on their website!

What was maryse ouellet job before WWE?

Hawaiian Tropic Model

Is being in the WWE a good job?

yes it is a good job because we have heard from professionals it is and it entertains if you're worried about your health it might not be the best job

How do you become a WWE ref?

Whatever the fans say, WWE is a soap opera. You'll need to prove that you are a great actor in a job interview.

Does Jeff hardy enjoy doing his job at the WWE?

He did but as of October 2010,he is in tna.

Can a 14 year old boy get a job in WWE?

No way dude hahahahahahaha

Did Jeff hardy retireed from WWE?

He left because TNA offered him a job so basically he left WWE to go to TNA which is not quite a retirement.

Where you apply for a wrestling job for the WWE?

try wrestling at big events can it be done online

Is WWE a type of a movie or the performance are actually real?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, note the word entertainment. No the wrestling is not realy although they do quite a good job performing it WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, note the word entertainment. No the wrestling is not realy although they do quite a good job performing it

How do you become a WWE wresler?

you go to apply for a job and you see a wrestling job call the phone number and bam you will be training for your big night

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