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How do you get a babysitting job?

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U can maybe see if there is anybody at ur parents work that needs babysitting... or family members
One thing you can do is get certified as a babysitter with CPR training and basic first aid. The Red Cross offers classes for around $100 and people will trust you more if they know that you can take care of their children in an emergency (the course also teaches you what to do if somebody breaks into the house, there's a fire, they kids wont sleep, etc.)
If you are having trouble finding people to babysit for try asking your friends if they know people. Another thing you can do is put up fliers in your neighborhood (be careful, and you probably want to put one of your parents cell numbers instead of your own).

2012-08-12 18:05:58
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You can make good money if you take a job babysitting and you do the job well. How much money you make would depend on how long you babysit for, and who you babysit for.

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You don't need papers for a babysitting job but to get more people to want you as a babysitter you can make a flier.

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