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How do you get a back seat to fold down in an S10 Blazer?


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2015-07-15 21:48:54
2015-07-15 21:48:54

I have a 95 blazer and the passenger side back seat has more than once refused to go down.

There is a thin cable inside the back of the seat and is supposed to hook and secure by means of a small ball at the end of the cable into a slot on the back of the seat located under the latch that you pull on to lower the seat. The cable slips down inside of the back - but unfortunately I haven't figured out how to get to it - except to take it to a dealer - which I don't do anymore.

You will probably have to remove the seat back cover. It is close at the bottom with a "J and arrow" or two j-straps. I would begin by taking those apart (use a screwdriver to help). See if you can feel around and figure out the problem. It you have to take the trim completely off you will need to remove the headrests. Good luck.

In some cases the seat will get jammed and you have to push the seat back then pull the handle


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The rear seat does not fold down.The rear seat does not fold down.

It may not be designed to fold down.

The back seat does not fold down it folds up and all you have to do is pull the front of the bottom seat up.

Grab the straps on both of the seat bottoms and pull them forward, the flip the handle on the top and side of the back of the seat and fold it down. The bottom seats will fold to the back of the front seats and the back of the rear seat will fold down making one big cargo area.

How do you fold down the back seat of a 2004 durango?

Unless it is the Luxury edition, the seats do not fold down.

depending on the year of the truck. from 2007 on you can but 2006 and back the seat only folds up and you can not get the back part of the seat to fold down

No No is true of sedans and coupes. Station wagon back seats do fold down.

if you look in the middle on the back of the seat at the top pull up and pull to you it should fold down

2002 has a pull cord at the back of the seat(by the seat belts) which unlocks the bottom to fold forward then the back folds down with the button release by the head rest... hope this helps

The back does not fold down, If the bottom is up and does not pull down easily there may be something jammed in the pivot.

Yes. You pull up on the buttons on the top of the seat back(next to the head-rest) to let the seat fold forward.

The back seat of a Chevy Cavalier is a split bench seat. The release for the seat is located in the trunk behind the split. Simply pull the release and fold the seat down.

NO, it doesn't fold down. You can pop out the bottom bench and unscrew the seat belt bolts and you should be able to take the seat off.

The rear seat back does not fold down in a 2008 Ram truck.

On my van on one of the seats, there is a handle on the back lower corner on the passengers side, follow the directions on the handle "pull it up" that should release the seat back to fold down. On the other seat there is no way to fold it down so you have to remove the seat all together. Hope this helps

Sometimes the latch on mine sticks on the drivers side, i usually push the seat back with my other hand to relieve the pressure on the latch. I then pull up on the handle and the latch will release all the way and allow the seat to come forward.

lift the handle on back of the seat

If I remember correctly, the seat back does not fold down. The bottom folds up.

In my 06 Charger, the back seats do fold down. There are fabric loops at the outside top corner of the back seat, pulling on them releases the top lock and the seat back will fold forward giving easy and roomy access to the trunk through the cabin. The back seat doesn't fold down on the charger, to take it out you have to push io on the base of the seat and then push up to release the clamps that hold the base in place, this has to be done on both sides of the seat, once the base is out there will be 2 bolts that hold the back rest of the seat in, just remove the 2 bolts and it will come out.

I have a base model and my back seat can be removed but it does not fold down. With the LS model the back seat folds down. Just depends on your model.

They dont fold down. The bottom part of the seat folds UP

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