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Q: How do you get a bigger font on your MySpace?
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Big writing on MySpace?

you type this: <font size=5> and just keep putting in bigger numbers when you reach the font size you want.

How do you make your headline bigger on MySpace?

1. go to the edit page 2.go to font 3. make it bigger 4.enjoy!!!

How do you change the font on MySpace?

To change your font in myspace you put <font face="font you want goes here"> to change the color of your font you put <font color="the color you want"> to make your letters big you but <big>

How do you change font colors on MySpace?

Type <font color="blue">Your text</font>

How do you change get the codes for a different font on MySpace?

To change the font on myspace you type: <font face="type your font here"> *type your font here - like, arial or century gothic etc. don't forget to end it with </font>

How do you make your words bigger on MySpace?

for a small size you put: <font size= 1> or.. <font size= 2> or.. <font size= 3> or.. <fotn size= 4> and you can keep goign and goign and going! ------ -------- ------- ----- -- ------ --------- ------- --------- ------- ------ -- ------ -------- ------- ----- -- ------ --------- ------- --------- ------- ------ -- ------ -------- ------- ----- -- ------ --------- ------- --------- ------- ------ -- and to do color you put <font color= red> or.. <font color= yellow> or.. <font color= green>

How do you change you letter coloring on MySpace profile?

to change the font color for myspace it would be <font color="and what ever color you want">

What is the Myspace code to change font to modern sans serif?

<font face="sans serif">font</face font>

How do you make font big on MySpace?

---- bdsgv

How do you type differently on MySpace?

<font face=TYPEOFFONTHERE> :]

How do you change your font type on your MySpace name?

You have to use a code.

How do you put color text on myspace?

<font color="BLUE">whatever you want goes here</font>

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