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The best thing to do is squats. Stand with you feet apart and push your butt back make sure you knees don't go over you toes. Start out with at least 10 squats and then build up to more. Lungs also work well stand with your feet together and step forward with your right leg stand and hold it. Then repeat with your left leg for as long as you can hold it. Also you can go to Google and put in leg and butt exercises and it will pull up all of the leg and butt exercises that you need. Hope that helps!! Actors and singers are no different than the rest of the women out there. They may have trainers to help keep their weight down, but mostly, these girls can take diet pills (not a good idea and more and more actors are stopping this type of thing) or body wraps. If you really look at "Entertainment Tonight" on TV or see the local rags on actors you'll see they don't look much different than we do. They have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves (with help from professionals) and often they can be body-sprayed as well as their face make-up. They have cosmeticians, pros dieting and working out, etc. The above advice is great. Just don' put too much unrealistic ideas on your shoulders. Just be the best you can be and enjoy life.

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