How do you get a boy to stop sexual harassing you?

You should tell a trusted adult immediately. Don't try to handle it yourself. Sexual harassers are enabled, and get more bold, whenever the victim doesn't report their behavior. Report it as soon as possible and get an adult to help you stop the harassment.

If you are in a relationship GET OUT!!!!!! because it can only get worse as for him sexually harassing need to tell someone. I'm pretty sure that sexual harassment is against the law. If it comes to the worst,... call the police and if he tries to rape you beat him up and kick him in the huh huhs u know whats. If he tells you he will kill you or your family if u tell dont listen to him i have had someone tell me that b4 and i told anyways and they got into a lot of trouble if he comes back and does it again do watever it takes to make him stop (idont mean murder) why dont you try threatening him? Tell him that if he doesnt stop you going to call the police and if you need someone to talk to you can talk to whomever sometimes it helps to talk to a complete stranger(a counselor) your parents or a friend i wish you luck and write back if any of these work but b4 you try any of these rell him no very loudly and agressively if he doesnt listen try to get him to stop by doing anything ok i rlly hope you can make him stop i hate boys like this and cant stand them hope the best 4 u :) :) :)

On a additional note; if he is sending you email etc or something that (he thinks) can't be traced, the police can trace it. Sexual harassment is illegal in every form, whether it's in person or online. Talk to your parents.