How do you get a boyfriend back when he is too stubborn to give in?

Is he stubborn or have you hurt him so much he doesn't want to come back? I don't know your situation, but obviously there was a good reason you both split-up. It's time to get on with your own life and start dating again. If he knows about this and still loves you then he may come back, but if he doesn't it gives you a chance to meet someone else. Well, ignore him for one. Let him know that you can play tug of war too. What is he being stubborn about. If its childish, let him go, why would you want the rest of your relationship with a person that can not communicate and compromise with you over something. Relationships are two way streets with each person bringing their best to the table for the other one. Honesty and respect go along way. Being stubborn is a controlling aspect so this one is something you'll have to decide on your own. Do you want a baby or a man?????