How do you get a broken oil dipstick out of the tube of a 98 caravan?

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Cut the tube with a tubing cutter- remove dipstick and use rubber tubing and hose clamps to reassemble dipstick tube what up.
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If a broken dip stick is left behind in the assembly tube how do you remove the dipstick tube assembly?

DEPENDS ON THE MAKE AND MOTOR BUT MOST ARE A PRESS FIT INTO THE BLOCK WITH A RUBBER O RING AT THE BOTTEM. GOOD LUCK There should be a fastner that secures the tube assembly near the top of the engine. after this is removed you should be able to just pull the tube right out of engine, you may find i ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a stuck oil dipstick in a 98 F150?

Not sure if the dipstick is broken off the loop where you pull on it. Check where the dipsick tube is secured, you may want to remove the tube also, spray lots of lube where the tube goes into block, and be very patient,and turn the tube back and forth at first, and then pull it out.........

How do you replace a broken dipstick tube for a 1989 Grand Marquis?

Assuming you are talking about the oil tube, it is secured into the engine with O-Rings and is lightly pressed in. Locate the bolt that secures the top area of the tube and remove.(usually on the exhaust manifold) Get as low on it as possible with Vise-Grips and rotate and "rock" it back and forth u ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a broken dipstick tube that is broken flush with the engine block of a 1975 Jeep CJ5?

ANSWER; I would try a long thin magenet. If that doesn't work get something similar to the dipstic but a little thinner. If yiu can see the possition of the broken stick, take the thinner stick and put some type of glue on it and possition it against the broken one and give it time to dry. You could ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a broken oil dipstick that is stuck on a 1994 Geo Prism?

Answer . \nYou'll need to drain the oil pan, then remove it. Then take something and tap the old one out and install a new one. That is if you broke the tube. If just the dipstick is broken off, you'll still have to remove the oil pan and pull the old one out through the bottom of the tube. You ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the engine oil dipstick tube on a 1999 4-cylinder Ford Contour?

Answer . You order one from your Ford Dealer and pay $70, or you go to a junk yard and look for a junked Ford Contour. That shouldn't be hard, since mine should be junked, but I'm still driving it.. Answer . You order one from your Ford Dealer and pay $70, or you go to a junk yard and look ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the oil dipstick tube on a VW Golf?

If only the plastic top portion is broken! which is usually what happens you can buy a new piece and snap it back on. the piece is called a funnel,usually a dealer item but you may find it on line

How do you install an oil dipstick tube on a 1973 Oldsmobile Omega 350 CID?

I just finished building a 350 olds to go in a 90 model chev pu. I couldn't find a stock replacement and ended up going with an aftermarket one i ordered from oriely's. Simply remove the one bolt bracket from the exhaust manifold stud and twist out the old one. Be sure to clean the hole well and put ( Full Answer )

Why is oil blowing out of the oil dipstick tube when engine is running on a 1992 Taurus 3.8L?

Answer . \nSOunds like the rings on the pistons are bad. The rings are not sealing and the pressure in the combustion chamber is blowing by the rings and causing pressure in the crankcase thus blowing oil out the filler tube.\n. \nYou may, I said may be able to eliminate some of it by buying a ( Full Answer )

How do you repair a loose oil dipstick tube for a 1997 Honda Civic?

Dipstick tube . The tube needs to be a tight fit and it sounds like yours has gotten loose. You might be able to take it out and spread the end out slightly to give it a tighter fit but I recommend getting a new one and tapping it in using a soft hammer or something that wont damage the new tube. ( Full Answer )

Where is the oil dipstick?

Answer . open the hood, look for it, it will likely have a yellow tipped handle with a finger loop in it, it will be on the outside of the engine, front side most likely. If you are looking for a transmission dip stick, you won't find one, because it does not exist.

How do you remove a broken dipstick tube that broke off flush with the engine?

I don't know how far the tube penetrated into your block but something i would try is to get a sharp and small three conered file and try to file down the length of the tube . once you've cut through the entire length i would try to get a small pick or screwdriver and peel out the rest of the tube, ( Full Answer )

How do I remove the Oil Dipstick Tube from my 2001 Nissan Sentra QG18DE?

This seems to be a recurring issue for this make and model car. If you can see the broken piece of the dipstick in the tube, take a 5 or 6 inch ordinary plastic wire tie (best because it is flexible) put a drop of superglue on it and push it in until stops. Let it sit for about 5 - 10 mins, the glue ( Full Answer )

Broken Dipstick tube Ford Focus?

A replacement for a broken dipstick tube for the Ford Focus can bepurchased at most auto part retailers. As of 2014 the average costfor a replacement is 15.00.

If dipstick is broken on a 99 ford contour will the low oil light still come on?

The dipstick has nothing to do with the low oil pressure light. It is just there to check the fluid level. The light will come on if low oil pressure is detected. Sometimes that is too late and damage will have already occured. Get a new dipstick asap. Try using a magnet to get the old one out. You ( Full Answer )

Broken dipstick tube Nissan Altima?

If the dipstick has broken off into the tube on a Nissan Altima,you can remove it using pliers. Other people have had luck usingindustrial strength vacuums and sucking the broken dipstick up.

How to Replace oil dipstick tube on ford 2000 f150?

A friend who works at ford told me if the dip stick tube is broke at the block like mine is, screw a screw into the block where the tube is broken just enough to get something to grip and pull out the broken part.. The tube is held in by an o ring and should pop out the pop the new one in.

How do you replace a broken oil dipstick tube on a 96 escort?

most dipsticks have a lip and maybe even an o-ring at the bottom.. usually you can grab with hands or tool like pliers, wiggle and pull out old tube.. place new tube in hole. push by hand till stops then with something softer like rubber mallet or piece of wood, tap down until seated at lip.

How do you replace the oil dipstick tube on a Volkswagen jetta?

Drive to your local VW dealership...ask them for a Dipstick Extension Tube for your model/year/trim of vehicle. Mine cost $8.19 yesterday. Pull the old one off of the car being careful not to drop little bits of the cracked plastic down the dipstick tube and shove the new one on. Done! Should take ( Full Answer )

How do you replace an oil dipstick tube on a 2000 volkswagen jetta?

I have a 2002 jetta diesel which has a plastic dipstick tube. We ordered a new tube from the dealership and installed it. The old tube had gotten brittle so we had to carefully break it out in pieces so that no pieces fell down into the engine. To install the new tube I simply grabbed it with both h ( Full Answer )

How do you extract broken oil dipstick?

In many vehicles, the dipstick tube can be removed. Check and see if this is possible on your vehicle. If so, just remove the tube from around the dipstick. There should then be enough of the dipstick sticking out from the engine to grab on to.

Why has the dipstick from Renault megane rxe 1598cc broken how do you go about getting it out of the oil?

I just had the same problem in my Megane, after a lot of head scratching poking and proding and pushing it further down the channel. I decided to use a skewer i.e. a cheap one from tesco, that had a spiral effect on the metal, heated this up on the gas stove, ran outside to the car and gently pushed ( Full Answer )

What is the part name for oil dipstick tube?

Hi, I believe that Isuzu calls it an oil gauge tube or close to that, but you can go to and input your specific vehicle information to find out what is needed for your vehicle. In the Veh. I.D. box you only enter the last nine digits of your VIN number. There are all ki ( Full Answer )

How do i fix a Broken oil dipstick tube F-250 V-10?

Replace the tube. The tube should be pressed or screwed in. So pull and twist to the left snd it should come out. IF IT BROKEN RIGHT AT THE BLOCK! I had the same on 2003 f350 v10 6.8l. I needed a few tools,time,and patience. 1) Kobalt 4-Piece Hook and Pick Set * Item #: 239658 * Model #: 32 ( Full Answer )

Should you drive without a oil dipstick tube?

I have a 2001 VW jetta 1.8t, and at about 150,000 miles my dipstick tube started to crumble. My mechanic told me that it would be fine to drive without it cross country, but halfway through it really started splashing out, gave me some real problems, I would recommend replacing it as soon as possibl ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a broken dipstick tube from a 2001 Focus 2.0 split port?

pull the oilpan and punch it out. ANS 2 - The previous solution can be done, butit's much easier to just grip the dip TUBE withlarge pliers and pull it out of the block, along with the brokendipstick. These tubes are almost always just a tight fit in theblock, not welded or fixed in.

How do you replace the oil dipstick tube on a Chrysler town and country?

The tube is easy to remove. Its mounting bracket is held inplace by a single bolt, and a large wiring harness is bound with asingle plastic strap to that mounting bracket. The job (removal& replacement) should take less than an hour. You'll need a1/2" combination wrench (12-point box wrench), diagon ( Full Answer )

What does A broken oil engine dipstick causes?

A broken engine dipstick should not cause anything or have an effect on anything. A broken dipstick will make it impossible to check the engine oil and should be replaced as soon as possible.