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A good place to start would be your local Small Business Adminstration Office.

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Q: How do you get a business grant if you are a minority?
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Related questions

What website do you go to , to apply for a grant for a small minority business?

Contact the The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). Their website is

Can woman get grant money to start a business? SBA. They will help you get started and note if your a minority you may get an additional grant.

How do I apply for a minority small business grant?

You will have to wait to apply for the grant until it is open enrollment. Once you apply you can talk to your local small business administration on what you will need to do next.

Can a minority business subcontract to a non-minority business?


I am the COO of Centered Magazine (Spartanburg, SC) - Minority owned business. We need grant funding to continue our operations. How do we tap into the TARP program or any other state or federal grant opportunities?

is this where i apply for a grant on my medcial bills

Where can one find minority business grants?

There are a number of different resources where one can find minority business grants. One can find minority business grants through redevelopment agencies such as Fame Renaissance. One can also visit the Minority Business Development Agency website.

When was Minority Business Development Agency created?

Minority Business Development Agency was created in 1969.

What are the qualifications for obtaining minority business loans?

For obtaining minority business loans, you need to be a- female or an ethnic minority belonging to African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Alaskan Native and Pacific Islander and American Indians; 51 percent of the ownership shall by a member of one of these groups. A business must be majority owned by a member of a minority group AND a minority business may need to be registered or certified as a minority business, or disadvantaged business enterprise (MBE/DBE)

What is the budget of Minority Business Development Agency?

The budget of Minority Business Development Agency is 30,000,000 dollars.

how do i apply for a business grant?

How do i apply for a business grant?

where can I apply for a business grant?

where can I apply for a business grant

Can you sell a business to your spouse to qualify for a minority business loan?

You can sell your business to your spouse and if she is a minority, then she may be eligible for a minority business loan. You must ask the loan officer if the person has to be the owner for a certain amount of time before they qualify for the loan.

Are there any benefits to minority business loans?

Yes, if you are a woman or an ethnic minority, you can apply to funds earmarked for minority business development. The government will offer you a subsidized loans.

What do you have to do to quailify for a grant for small business?

First you must possess a unique ability to do this job. Next you must live in a location where there is a demand for your specified services and products. Also consider having a service or product that meets the needs of certain minority groups. These are some of the major criteria for obtaining a business grant. You should check with your local Better Business Bereau.

what type of grant can a business get ?

what type of grant can a small business get

where do i apply for small business grant?

where do i apply for a small business grant in oklahoma

What are the best minority small business grants?

The Small Business Administration ( and will both help you find the best small business grants for minorities. Minority Business Grants, SBA Loans, SBA Small Business Loans are the best minority small business grants. You can apply for them at

Are Women considered a minority when owning a business?

No, Women are not considered a minority as of the new legislation.

Do I have to be incorporated to apply for a small business grant?

It really depends on who you are attempting to obtain a small business grant from. However, in general, you do not have to be a corporation to win a grant. You do have to be a legally established business, meaning that you have a business license.

How can they help me get a grant to open up my business.?

How can they help me get a grant to open up my business.

Minority status benefits in india business?

The minority status communities benefits the India business as they consume some of the basic commodities produced in the country.

Grant for organic farming?

Where do I find applications for minority organic farming

How can I improve my chances of obtaining free small business grants?

It is importatnt that you are well organized when applying for a grant. I woudl suggest hiring a grant writer to help you. Tell what my business is about and what I need. i am 70 years old and i have no intintion of going to school even if i gould the vet got me in the shape or i could barrow all the money i needed so quit trying to send me to school and get me a grant or a loan my credit is under 600 thanks to the vet you want me to go to school at 70 yo you can kiss my ass i am 69 years old and can hardley walk but i stell have the knolage to run a buesness that i don't have any more because of the va now they want me to go to school well stick it in your A-- how will I better my chances for a grant to improve my business I have a small minority cleaning business here in New Orleans, Louisiana. The name of my business is Grout Masters, LLC. I need finiancal help. What must I do to recieve a Small Minority Business Grant.

How can I get grant money to upgrade my small business?

How can I get grant money to upgrade and increase my small business?

I am a writer, already working on three novels, but need to pay rent and my children education and work at the same time, where I could find a grant that will help me establish my career as a minority novelist?

With a government grant for minority emerging writers.

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