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Whack it pretty hard might do the trick
Try to cut around the edges of the cake and THEN wack it really hard... if that doesnt work try cutting it into slices and THEN wacking it really hard!

It happened to me once. Luckily it was a rich butter cake which was greasy enough to be removed by loosening it on the sides with a knife.

Do not panic all you do is take a butter knife and run it around the edges of the cake the gently take a spatula and slide it underneath the cake and lift gently.

2010-11-02 14:33:54
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Q: How do you get a cake out of a cakepan if you forgot to grease it?
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What is a cakepan?

A cakepan is a dish or mould used for baking a cake.

Why do you need to grease a cake tin?

You need to grease the cake tin because otherwise the cake will stick to the tin and you wont be able to remove it whole.

What happens to a cake if you forgot the baking soda?

The cake will not rise properly.

What are the release dates for Angel Cake and Axle Grease - 1913?

Angel Cake and Axle Grease - 1913 was released on: USA: 10 April 1913

What is the name of the person that invented the pancake?

Alfred Cakepan

Do you have to grease a nonstick cake pan?

No it's nonstick!

What do you grease a cake tin with?

Cooking oil or butter.

Do you need to grease a silicon cake pan?


What do you do if you forgot vanilla in cake batter?

put some vanilla in it!

Why is your cake sloppy?

You suck at cooking idiot and you forgot the pickles

What can you line a cake pan with to use in the oven for baking a cake?

Line with greaseproof paper and grease and lightly flour it.

Is butter just as good as crisco to grease a cake pan?


Does greasing a cake pan increases friction?

if u grease and flour a cake pan the cake wont stick to it...i have done this on many occasions and the cake has fallen out everytime without sticking

Do you grease the sides of a cake pan?

Yes, both for getting a cake out of the pan and so it will rise evenly and not be pulled down on the sides.

Do you grease the stoneware bunt pan for cakes?

Yes, any stoneware cake pan should be greased before baking a cake.

How much grease do you put in the bottom of the pan for a cake?

a teaspoon, cover the inside of tin, and then grease round with flour, then it doesnt stick :D

What happens if you eat a cake that you forgot to put the eggs in?

I'm sure whoever ate the cake will survive the experience, but I doubt the resulting cake would have had the correct texture.

Forgot to put in baking powder and baking soda what will happen to cake?

It will not rise.

Is half a cake good for you?

Cake isn't all that good for you. So the correct answers would be no. Not even one piece of cake. cake is made of fattening and grease. Half or no half the answer would ale ays be no.

Can you bake a donut into a cake?

yes, more liquid might need to be added to the recipe but instead of rolling out the dough grease a cake pan and pour the donut batter into the cake pan.

Why don't you grease angel food cake pans?

because it makes it stick to the pan

What is the witch cake?

A witch cakeis when i forgot someone who feeds it to the family's dog and they believd that when the dog eats the cake he can tell who's a witch or not.

Can you substitute a springform pan for a cake pan?

A springform is a cake pan, it just makes it easier to take out. Grease and flour as you would a regular pan.

What do you use to grease a cake pan?

You can grease a cake pan with butter, margarine, shortening, lard, vegetable oil, or vegetable oil aerosol spray. One economical trick is to save the foil wrapper on butter and margarine; these are excellent greasing tools. An alternative to greasing a cake pan is to line the pan with parchment paper, or to use silicon cake pans that are non-stick.

How do you keep cake batter from runnung out the bottom of 2 piece angel food cake pan?

Line the pan with parchment paper to keep it from leaking; don't grease it, though, or your cake will deflate.