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How do you get a career in acting?


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Acting is one of the most difficult career's to make a living.

Many are called, few are chosen. It is a career that has nothing to do with talent -- in many ways. Sometimes a beautiful or handsome face will get work with little talent. Yet, all hope is not lost.

Any artistic life may mean years, or a lifetime, of little or no money doing what you love. The rule is -- you must love it.

Acting is not for the weak of heart, or the weak of confidence, or the impatient because -- you may or may not ever make a living at it. If you're seeking "fame" and you feel that makes money and clout; you will be solely disappointed.

If you love to perform, sing, write plays/musicals, etc. then, you will do anything to do it -- money or no money.

If you're in school:

  • Take your drama/theatre classes
  • Audition for all the school plays/musicals
  • Read books such as "Audition" and "How To Sell Yourself As An Actor"
  • Learn theatre (even if you want to do television and film)

>> Hollywood casting directors (and they are much more important than agents when you are starting out) and agents love to see theatre experience on resumes of actors.

  • Take your theatre classes in college (although, it is recommended you study something else, too -- so you can make a living; i.e. English, Teaching)
  • Do community theatre (if available)
  • When you have the time/money you will need to move to Los Angeles, New York or Chicago (this is where the industries [of acting opportunities] is strongest).

>> Of course, in these towns you will have millions of people to compete with!

In the meantime, get a good day job or save lots of money. It's not fun to be homeless or hungry.

Of the nearly 100,000 members of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) -- which is the union that all film/television actors are a member if they have done roles in big tv shows or films -- of all those members; about 85-95% of them made UNDER $5,000-A-YEAR in their acting career.

Trust me, that is NOT enough to live on. They do other things to make a living!