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I too had a similar problem with my cat. Personally, I would suggest placing a litter pan in each room and periodically, putting the cat in there after meals so he/she can smell it. Also, make sure you clean the litter everyday. Cats hate a messy litter box. Another idea is to experiment with the brand of litter- cats can be picky.

One other reason why your cat might be going in the house and not in its box is it might have a urinary tract infection (UTI). When a cat has a UTI, it hurts to pee (and sometimes poop), but it doesn't understand it's a medical issue - it just thinks it hurts to pee where it is peeing now, so it tries other "softer" places.

Also, is your cat spayed/neutered? If not, it might be spraying to mark its territory. Getting it fixed should help solve the problem, though for some male cats, not entirely (once a male cat learns how to spray, they still sometimes do it, even after being fixed).

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Q: How do you get a cat to stop going to the bathroom in your house?
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Who do you get out of the house in shrink ray in poptropica?

the will chase it in to the kitchen then in the bathroom then the cat will be out of the house by the time you get out of the bathroom

How can you get your cat to stop using the bathroom all over your house?

Put Them In The Litter Box Over And Over Again Till They Stop And Clean The Litter Box Daily.

What do you do to stop you cat from going to the bathroom on the floor and use the litter box?

if it goes on the flor rub its face in it until it goes in the litter box

What are the signs when a cat is going to die?

Laying around, not drinking or eating. Also not going to the bathroom.

Is there any way to stop spayed cat going in heat?

A spayed cat has had her uterus removed, therefore she shouldn't be going into heat. However if the cat is unspayed there is no way save for getting her spayed to stop a cat from going into heat.

What do you do if a full grown cat is having accidents in the house and the litterbox is full?

--If you aren't cleaning out the litter box often cats will go the bathroom in the house. By preventing cats from going where they aren't suppose to go make sure the litter box is always clean for them. Or, try having two litter boxes for the cat. --If the cat is filling up the litter box quickly and going in the house all the time, you should take the cat to the vet. The vet may have explanations on why the cat is going to the bathroom all the time. Personally my cat would have pee accidents every once in a while and it was because of the medicine he was on (to prevent Urinary track infections), so he couldn't control it sometimes.

When does a cat stop being in heat?

A female cat is fertile its entire life. Spay your cat to stop it from going into heat in the future.

How can you stop a cat from marking in the house if you never see him do it?

How can you prove that the cat is marking the house if you never see him do it?

How do you train a cat to use the litterbox?

You can train the cat to use the litterbox if you bring it to it often when it is a kitten. Also they will go to the bathroom anywhere they can hid it. They will go the the bathroom in laundry too. Spraying is different from going to the bathroom. So if you have a male cat it could be spraying to mark its territory.

How do stop a cat from pooping in the house?

Train it

How do you get a cat to stop going to the bathroom all over the house if the cat box is clean?

OK. i have a cat with the same problem many of my friends think its because my cat is not spade/neutered so if it is not spade or neutered get it done. It could also be that you are cleaning the litter pan too much... i hope i helped.. I also have a cat like that. It could be because of food allergies, or if you have another cat, it could be an issue about dominance. (My cat is both. It's a hassle but we love her.)

How do you stop a stray cat from using the bathroom under your deck?

stuff somthing in their so he cant get in

Your cat is ten years old drinks a lot not eating as much been going to the bathroom everywhere in the house but his litter box when he has never before what do ido?

Take him to the vet.

How do you say i lost my cat in the library bathroom?

'I lost my cat in the library bathroom"

Your cat is pregnant and won't stop going to someone else's home What can you do to help?

Bring the cat into your house and keep it there until it gives birth and the kittens are old enough to leave their mother.

How do you get your cat to stop meowing because it is going through heat?

You can not stop a cat from meowing if it is in heat, you must bring her to the vet and get her fixed

Should you human urinate on a cat to stop it from urinating in the house?


How do you stop a cat going back to old home after moving house?

Try to fence it in, or watch it full time. Get it used to it's new surroundings. Remember-it is just as new to the house and place as you are!

How do you get a 13 year old cat to use her liter box?

That task is going to be pretty hard, but not impossible. I'm sure you've heard the saying 'You can't teach a dog new tricks' explaining how it's hard to break habits. With some work and dedication you can break this one. Keep the litter box in one place, so the cat always knows where it is and doesn't get confused. Place the cat in the litter box like you would do a kitten. I assume the cat is messing in the house or yard. Pick up all the feces and place it in the litter box, to associate the litter box with going to the bathroom. *Do not pick up the feces, show it to the cat, and scold him/her for messing in the house. The cat will associate that going to the bathroom anywhere is bad.

On 24 carrot where do you find the cat at the old farm house?

Enter the chimney to go in. Go up to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Whiskers (the cat) will jump out.

My cat is pregnant and keeps going to someone else's home What should i do to stop her from having her kittens there?

Bring your cat into your house while she's pregnant and keep her in there until she gives birth and the kittens grow up.

How do you stop a stray cat from peeing on the house and how do you get rid of the smell?

Spray Ammonia

Can spraying a cat stop her peeing in the house?

YES you take them to the vet and get them fix

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messes up the house