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Q: How do you get a commercial auto insurance after being issued a DUI the original insurer dropped driver?
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Where do you buy General liability insurance?

General Liability insurance is purchased through any insurer that provides commercial insurance lines coverage.

How do i get commercial property insurance they refuse to give that information?

Just contact your insurer of choice and ask for a quote.

Where can you get commercial insurance quotes?

Chimerical Insurance quotes can be obtained from any insurer that provides Commercial Lines Coverage Just call your insurance agent, use the yellow pages or search on line with your favorite search engine. .

What is the meaning of insurer in life insurance?

The Insurance company which provides insurance coverageunder contractual obligation with the insured, is called the Insurer in insurance parlance.

What are some extra safety features someone can get for their commercial office insurance?

There are so many extra security features available for commercial office insurance, Commercial insurance itself is full of different features such as buildings cover, liability insurance, financial income cover, and goods in transit cover. There are many more depending on a selected insurer.

What insurance company carries liability insurance for caterers?

Almost any Insurer that provides commercial lines coverage will have a program for caterers. Just call your insurance agent, check the yellow pages or search on line.

What happens when your car insurance is cancelled by the insurance company?

What happens is that you get a new insurance policy, possibly with another insurer. Any unearned premium will be returned to you by your insurer.

Can you buy a Pet plan from your insurer?

PetPlan is only available through the insurer of the same name. Many insurance agencies are getting in to veterinary care insurance business though. Check with your insurance agent to see if your insurer offers anything.

What are the best insurance companies for business vehicles?

Different insurance companies have various policies regarding the insurance your vehicle requires. Depending on the weight of the truck, you may need commercial truck insurance. Check with your current insurer, as it can also differ by state.

What discounts are available for commercial auto insurance?

Most insurance companies offer a discount of 5% to 15% on commercial auto insurance polices, when more than one vechicle is insured. Other circumstances, such as having more than one policy with the same insurer can qualify you for further discounts.

Is driver information required for a corporation to get commercial auto insurance in Texas?

Yes, The drivers history is always important in determining the risk factor for the insurer.

Who is the principal of a common law insurance broker in an insurance transaction?


What is significant regarding premiums and benefits of private commercial insurance companies?

In any insurance scenario, a premium is the periodic payment made to the insurer by the insured. Essentially, it is the price paid to the insurer in return for which the insurer agrees to assume a certain bundle of risks of loss that the insured wishes to transfer. That "bundle" is set forth in the terms of the written insurance policy. Insurance premiums, and insurance generally, is regulated by the States in which the insurer transacts business. One the primary factors with which the regulator is concerned is that the premium charged is sufficient to offset the risk. It cannot, however, be either excessive or unfairly discriminatory. This means that insurance rates, from which premiums derive, must be the same for all insureds of the same risk class. Those risk classes vary greatly in commercial insurance due to the many and varied kinds of risks that can be insured.

What is my recourse if I am dropped by my auto insurance company for no apparent reason?

That depends upon where you live. Your State insurance department will have it's regulations regarding whether or not an insurer can drop you. You'd need to check with their website or call them to learn about your options.

What insurance is carried and comes in to play when other insurance is exhausted?

This is called "excess" or sometimes, "umbrella" coverage. It can be written by the same insurer that writes the primary limits if it offers such coverage. If it does not, you may have go to another insurer for it. The excess insurer may require a minimum primary coverage limit before it will issue such a policy. Typically, it is less costly than primary insurance because it does not have an obligation to pay until primary limits are exhausted. It can usually be had in both personal and commercial lines of insurance and in varying amounts.

What is a direct insurer?

A direct insurer offers insurance products directly to the public; it does not use any intermediaries.

What are the benefits of purchasing direct car insurance?

Yes, there may be benefits to purchasing car insurance directly from an insurer over the internet. Geico is a large internet insurer who provides car insurance at a discount.

What does insurer means?

It means the actual insurance company.

What is the difference between insurer and insurance company?


Who has the best insurance for construction and renters ins?

It is not likely you will find a single insurer with the best offering for both of these insurance categories. Construction Insurance is a Commercial lines Policy while Renters Insurance Is a Personal Lines Policy. That's kinda like trying to mix apples and oranges.

Doer homeowners insurance cover robbery on the street?

Policies differ from insurer to insurer. Check with your local agent.

What are the essential elements of Insurance?

One essential element of insurance is to shift the risk of loss of the insured item from the client to the insurer. Other essential elements include the insurer being open to a significant loss, distributing the risk over a number of policies held by the insurer, and the premium paid by the client to the insurer.

Does a child with a permit need to be added to your insurance?

Yes. The insurer sets the premium for the insurance based upon the risk that it assumes. That is, since the insurance contract transfers the responsibility for paying damages from you (the insured) to it (the insurer), the insurer must know what risk exists. Based upon that, it establishes a premium. Therefore, if another priver of the vehicle is not disclosed to the insurer, it cannot set a sufficient premium to offset the increased risk. If you do not disclose the additional driver to the insurer, inthe event of a covered occurrence, the insurer may have a right not to honor it.

What is the difference between insured and insurer?

The insured is the person or entity who is covered by the insurance policy. The insurer is the entity (insurance company)that pays to, or on behalf, of the insured for a covered loss. That which is covered by the policy is set forth in the insurance policy.

Who is the registered agent for Frontier Mutual Insurance Company?

In order to transact insurance in a state, an insurer is required to designate the state Insurance Commissioner as agent for service of process (Registered Agent). Therefore, suits against the insurer must be served on the state Insurance Commissioner of the state in which the suit is filed. He/she then transmits the summons and complaint to the person designated by the insurer.