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How do you get a constantly red nose and rosey cheeks as part of your appearance?

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OopsThe question poster may have been asking how to "get rid of" those features. The original wording was "How do you get of constantly red noses and rosy cheeks as a part of your appearance?" It appears that the word rid was accidentally omitted.

If you want constantly a red nose and rosy cheeks, make-up (blusher) would be 1 option, but pinching the cheeks can help give a healthy look. Although, it does not last as long. Eating spicy foods a lot such as Currey may help, but, tinted vaseline always does the trick. The only problem is you have to keep re-applying the substance throughout the day. But, as a matter of fact, when you exercise, if you are working your body hard enough, you cheeks and nose may turn red for a while. For some people, their whole entire face turns red or they sweat or they come up in 'blotches'. the redness doesn't last very long. Also, when your face is fairly cold, and in open cold air, your nose and cheeks may turn red.


If you are looking to get RID of red cheeks, you could try a special make-up concealer stick which is green (but comes out clear), which reduces redness. If it is to do with acne/spots, foundation or concealer could help, while using a facial wash or exfoliating face scrub every evening, along with a moisturizer (if needed) and spot cream. But foundation and concealer doesn't necessarily have to be used for spots.

But, as a matter of fact, if you are female, rosy cheeks is meant to be considered attractive-looking, or sweet-looking. That's what blusher is for.

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How can you fix a deeply hooked nose with wide flat nostrils that gives the face a harsh appearance?

Plastic surgery, like get it reduced in its size. You can also make your lips, eyes and cheeks, brows more defined and more noticable then the nose. Like, make your eye colour stand out, and your cheeks long and rosey, and brows nice and curvy, and lips full and pink. To help with the eye defying, use mascara, and make some nice eyelashes to draw the attention away! Hope I helped! -Gabby

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Yes you can.

Is sniffling your nose constantly bad for your sinuses?

no it is not

Where on your face do you put blusher?

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Frogs accessory structures in the nose?

Frogs have no proper nose. However, they do have nostrils which are an accessory structure for respiration since frog rely on buccal pumping (breathing with the cheeks) for respiration.

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Does fixing your nose can make you look taller?

No sorry I really don't see a link between your height and the appearance of your nose.

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Circular breathing is much easier than one might think. All you do is puff your cheeks up with air, then breath in through your nose while pushing the air out of your cheeks.

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What are the parts of the face?

There are eight parts of the face. These parts of the face are the nose, mouth, lips, cheeks, eyes, jaw, forehead, and eyebrows.

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