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I infer from the wording of your question that you wish to borrow the money for the down payment on a house other than your primary residence. This is a big no-no. It doesn't matter what bank you go to. A down payment is supposed to be the loan-seeker's financial stake in a purchase. There are supposed to be no strings -- that is, liens -- attached to it.

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Which bank is best to get a mortgage?

Mostleaders/banks have the same products, your ability to get a mortgage loan will be hinged on your credit score and your ability to purchase a house.

Is a re mortgage the same thing as a mortgage?

No, a mortgage is a loan taken from a bank to purchase land or property. A remortgage is a loan taken from a bank to pay off an existing mortgage. This is done in an attempt to lower the amount of interest paid to the bank, and should not be confused with a second mortgage.

Is bank account an a bank deposit account the same?

No. A bank account can be a checking or savings. It is the account in your name where you deposit and withdrawl funds from. A bank deposit is when you put money into the account either by you walking into the bank and handing them cash or a check and the bank teller processes it to be put into your account. They are two different things but they are related.

Is state bank of India state bank of hyerabad state bank of mysore banks are same we can deposit the amount from state bank of hyerabad to state bank of India?

No We cannot deposit directly into the accounts of the different state banks.

What is a bank certificates of deposit called a time deposit?

time deposit means payable at specified time same is the case with bank deposit ie. fixed deposit that is payable after certain period means not less than 7 days to earn interest so fds are called as time deposit

If you have zero balance account in PNB branch can you deposit money in any other branch in same bank?

yes you can deposit money in any other branch of pnb bank.

Are banks allowed to foreclose on houses?

Yes they are allowed too if they own the mortgage because in reality the house is owned by the bank until the principle is paid for. It is almost the same thing as renting or leasing except the house is in your name. In this case the bank is the landlord. Check this article about FDIC pays bank to foreclosed.

Is the fixed deposit and term deposit same?

Yes. Fixed Deposit and Term Deposit both refer to the same thing. A deposit account is one in which you keep a fixed sum of money for a specific duration (Usually atleast a few months) based on an agreement with the bank. The bank does not expect you to withdraw funds regularly from this account and hence gives you a better interest rate.

Can a bank wire transfer be reversed?

It Depends. Yes - If the transaction is currently in progress and deposit instructions are not yet sent to the receiving bank No - If the transaction is completed or if deposit instructions are already sent to the receiving bank and the receiving bank has already acknowledged the receipt of the same

Is a quitclaim deed the same as a mortgage deed?

No. A quitclaim deed transfers the property to a new owner permanently.A mortgage deed is a conditional deed that transfers title to the bank only until the mortgage is paid and then the bank must release its interest.No. A quitclaim deed transfers the property to a new owner permanently.A mortgage deed is a conditional deed that transfers title to the bank only until the mortgage is paid and then the bank must release its interest.No. A quitclaim deed transfers the property to a new owner permanently.A mortgage deed is a conditional deed that transfers title to the bank only until the mortgage is paid and then the bank must release its interest.No. A quitclaim deed transfers the property to a new owner permanently.A mortgage deed is a conditional deed that transfers title to the bank only until the mortgage is paid and then the bank must release its interest.

How do you withdraw money from a demand draft?

f I got your question right then a DD has been issued from bank XYZ in your name and you want to deposit it in ABC. I don't see a problem in this. If the DD only has your name on it you can deposit it in any bank where you have an account. While if the DD has your bank & account details printed along with your name then you have to deposit it in the same bank as mentioned in the DD.

If a bank refinances a first mortgage and there is a second mortgage on the property who does the first mortgage belong too?

The new bank in which the refinance mortgage loan has been taken from becomes the new owner of the first mortgage at the closing table. As for the second mortgage, the second mortgage holder remains the same. Before the first mortgage can close with the new lender, however, they must agree to re-subordinate the second mortgage along with their new one. It is not uncommon. I hope this information helps. Best of luck! Regards, Total Mortgage Services

Is private mortgage insurance the same as homeowners insurance?

They are not the same. Homeowner's insurance insures the property: dwelling, personal property, other structures on the property, etc. Private mortgage insurance pays the mortgage in case of the death or disability of the mortgagor.

Who has to leave the house when a legal separation is taking place and who is responsible for paying the mortgage?

You can be separated and still live in the same house. No one has to move.The mortgage payment is made by the person whos name is on the mortgage. If it is in both names you are both responsible.

If two separate mortgage brokers are working with the same bank does this create a conflict of interest for the borrower?

No but if it's the same bank, the rates and closing costs will be the same but the individual broker may cut a fee or two for you..

How do you mortgage in monopoly?

A morgage is a kind of sale of a property to the bank. To initiate a mortgage, turn the title deed card upside down. The bank pays you half of the original purchase price. You can un-mortgage a property later by paying the bank back the same amount plus some interest. I am unsure of the amount of interest.You cannot collect rent on mortgaged properties.You can't mortgage a property that has houses or hotels on it.

What companies sell cheap mortgage insurance in the UK?

The best place to shop for cheap mortgage insurance in the UK would be your local financial bank. They usually offer insurance at the same time when one applying for a mortgage.

Can you deposit your brothers income tax check into your own checking account?

I did the same thing and the bank did not honor the check

What is the Difference between a Junior Mortgage and a second mortgage?

The difference is really all in how the loans were originated. A junior mortgage refers to the lien placement on the property title. A second mortgage means a mortgagor has more than one loan on a property with the same lender. For example, If I purchase a home (assuming the title is clean and there are no liens on the title) and get the loan with ABC Bank then ABC Bank is considered the senior mortgage. If I obtain another loan with ABC Bank most commonly a HELOC or Home Equity Line of Credit then it is a second mortgage in second position. Let's say that after I obtained the second loan with ABC Bank, I chose to take out a smaller loan against the property with XYZ Bank. That loan will be considered a junior lien. The loans won't always fall that clean on the title however. You can have a junior lien between a senior lien and second mortgage. In the example above if the XYZ Bank loan was taken out before the second mortgage with ABC Bank then it would still be called a junior lien and the second mortgage with ABC Bank would be the second mortgage with ABC Bank but in third position. Hope that helps!

What are home refinance options for one's mortgage?

There are many different home refinance options for one's mortgage. Some of the home refinance options for one's mortgage are: refinancing one's home through a bank, and doing the same online.

What are the best mortgage rates online?

The best mortgage rate for you depends on your circumstances. For example if you would prefer a fixed rate mortgage where the sum you owe each month is always the same, the best rate is currently 2.64% in the UK. However, in contrast, if you have a small deposit then the best mortgage rate in the UK is currently 3.79%.

How do you write a check for deposit into another one of your other accounts?

If you have more than one account with the same bank you can simply transfer money from one account to the other (i.e. savings to chequing or vice versa). This can be done online if you have online banking or at the till. You could even withdraw money from an ATM out of one of your accounts and then deposit it into another.Assuming that the accounts are not with the same bank and you want to write a check to "transfer" from one account "source" to deposit into the other bank account "target".You can make the check out to "Cash" and endorse it (sign the back).It would be wise to write your "target" bank account number in the memo portion of the check preceeded by the word "deposit". Just be sure to get a deposit receipt and ensure that it was deposited into your account. Be aware that the bank may place a hold on the deposit amount until it receives the funds from the other bank (your check does not bounce).

Are current mortgage rates the same at every bank?

The best way to find perhaps a good mortgage loan is to shop around. Financial websites or bank websites may be the best tool to get an idea of what is the most current and least expensive trend.

If your parents took out a mortgage in their name how do you get a mortgage in your name for the same property?

A property cannot be mortgaged twice at once. Additionally, you must hold the title to the property to place it under mortgage. Unless the other mortgage is paid off and your parents give you the house, you will not be able to get a mortgage on it.

What is the maximum amount of cash you can deposit in a UK bank?

No bank in any country around the globe can limit the amount of money that can be deposited into its accounts. It is your money and you can deposit it anytime you want and with any bank you want. If the amounts are huge, the banks may ask you to provide a source of income for regulatory reporting purposes. But, they can never say No to a deposit or set any limits on the same.

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