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How do you get a friend bow?


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I want to see Plusle. We promised to meet in the dungeon! Someone, please escort me! Client: Igglybuff Objective: Escort to Plusle. Place: Tiny Woods B2F Difficulty: D Reward: 4001F? ?86X K7?H 6??0 K?? POKe + ? [Friend Bow] Wonder Mail:

F?8N K1F? ?86X K7?H 6??0 K??W

P.s: This wonder mail also makes it possible for you to find plusle in thunderwave cave

Hope this helps you!

Your friend

Chan Chan


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A friend bow can be hard to find but there are a few ways to get one: 1) The most common way is to complete a wonder mail rescue mission that rewards you with a friend bow. (to find a wonder mail for a friend bow you can Google "what is a wonder mail code for a friend bow?") Check the bulletin board regularly too. 2) Very rarely might you find a friend bow on the ground in a dungeon. As for Kecleon shops, to my knowledge, they don't carry friend bows. If they do it will be on a rare occasion. Hope I helped somewhat! ;)

A Friend Bow increases any Pokemon's recruitment rate by 10%. It is very helpful for recruiting Legendaries.

You have to have a key. Go to Mt. Faraway at 30F and unlock the sealed chamber. There should be a friend bow.

a friend bow makes any Pokemon to join your rescue team any of them even mew just try""""""

Use this link and make a mission with a Friend Bow as a reward

You dont friend bow anyone... You just have the leader hold the bow and it increases the chances of recruitment. the golden mask is the best thing though next is the amber tear

Chris Brown's best friend is Bow Wow because Bow Wow was the one that has been helping him with all his songs

Bow wows best friend is also his boyfriend who is Khleo Thomas

yes,mewtwo is in red rescue team,i have him.U should have your leader at level 100,and a friend bow for good luck I got him on the first try with the friend bow. U can get a friend bow at mount faraway,after u defeat the three dogs, bring a key.

you can get it as a reward for misions sometimes.

Your leader must hold it for it to work

Well all you have to do is go to the dungeon with you holding the friend bow and find the Pokemon you want then defeat it if this does not work keep trying!

You can fight him over and over again or use the friend bow, the friend bow is in special missions with codes online.

To recruit Ho-Oh, you must have a friend bow (on website , there will be a answered question. The question will be 'What is a easy mission in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to get a Friend Bow' that I posted.) You must NOT be a legendary Pokemon because it will be more difficult to recruit Ho-Oh. It will be easier to recruit him with your starter Leader. At the Mt. Faraway Peak, Hold the friend bow and defeat Ho-Oh. With the friend bow on, he may ask to join your team.

Odysseus' bow was given to him by his friend Iphitus. The trade they made firmed their friendship.

its a item that you can carry such as a friend bow which increases the chance to recruit a Pokemon once defeaten

go to mt.faraway and on floor 34 has a friend bow.bring a key to get it.

it's MT FARAWAY the FRIEND BOW is on the 30h floor hope you brung a key..veronica

zapdos-beat the game and go to mt. thunder with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 80% moltres-beat the game and go to mt. blaze with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 80% articuno-beat the game and go to frosty forest with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 80% groudon-go to magma cavern with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 18% rayquaza-go to sky tower (after the game is beaten) with a friend bow. chance of recruitment:20% kyogre-go to stormy sea 40th floor. chance of recruitment: 100% regirock-go to buried relic 15th floor with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 35% regice-go to buried relic 25th floor with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 35% registeel-go to buried relic 45th floor with friend bow. chance of recruitment: 35% mew-go to buried relic 46th-99th floors with music box and friend bow, and mew will be on only one of all those floors. chance of recruitment: 60% entei-go to fiery field with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 55% raikou-go to lightning field with friend bow. chance of recruitment:55% suicune-go to northwind field with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 55% ho-oh-go to mt. faraway with a friend bow. chance of recruitment: 90% lugia-go to silver trench 100th floor. chance of recruitment: 100% latios and latias-save latias and then they both will repay you by joining your team. jirachi-go to wish cave 100th floor. chance of recruitment: 100%

His name is Shaun aka Shiz

NO but the game need's to be finished

luck a friend bow sometimes a secomd battle and a friend area

No unfrotunetly, but you can get a friend bow and 4 kinds of friend areas from wonder mail codes.

well bow wow has had lots of girl frends in his past but noww he is curently free from wat i noe ofps bow wow is tooo bootiful

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