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To get a girl to fancy you, you need to treat her with respect.

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You fancy a girl at school what should you do?

If you fancy a girl at school you should be nice to her. You could ask her to spend time with you.

What does wominizer mean?

wominizer means you fancy a girl if your a girl

What do you say to a girl you fancy?

That you like them!

What type of slave was a fancy girl?

A fancy girl was a slave of light skin , usually considered pretty that was enslaved for use as a sex slave.

What does took a fancy to mean?

Took a fancy means liked. Example: The boy immediately took fancy to the new girl in his class.

What do you do when you fancy the new girl at work?

ask her out

Do guys dream about the girl that they fancy ever?

well ofcourse they do, do u dream about the guy u fancy?

What are the other girls does messi fancy?

Ofcourse he fancy his all female fans....every girl wants to be his..............

What is the best way to spy on a girl that you fancy?


What do you do when you fancy this boy he fancies you but another girl as well?

Ask him out before the other girl.

Im 13 at a new school and I fancy this girl who always says hello to me and waves at me at the start of lessons we share but is she being playful or does she fancy me too?

yes she does fancy you

Can you make a girl fancy you when she dosen like you?

______________________________________________________________ You can't make a girl fancy you. What you can do is become friends. Just be yourself. If she doesn't like you like that then try to start a friendship because that would make the girl see who you really are.

What happens when you fancy a girl?

umm u fancy them. but if u make it too obvious and they dont like u then the will get creeped out

Does a girl fancy you if she says i would tell you who i fancy but i can't be bothered?

It doesn't sound like it. If you're unsure, ask her.

Does John Cena fancy boys?

no he's married (to a girl)

Girl asks what are you looking for in a woman?

it means they fancy u!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does a guy call a girl a goose?

Because they ovs fancy you .

Does jaden smith fancy a girl called nagina ahmed?


What will be dialogue for fancy dress competition for the costume of gujrati girl?


I fancy a girl they fancy someone else and they fancy someone else what should you do?

Lie to the person you love and say the other person has done something horrid. Then the person you love might break up with them and be your girl/boy freind instead to thank you for telling them.

How can you tell if a fancy guppy is a boy or girl?

Male fancy guppies are much more brightly colored and well.. "fancy." Females can also be colorful but they're normally more plain.

You just found out the boy you fancy likes another girl what do you do?

Don't worry! Today I just found out the boy I fancy, fancies someone else. First of all, I was really sad. Then I got mad at the girl because all the boys fancy her. Then I started to cry, but my mother said, "Don't worry you will find someone else!" She also said that when I am older I will be pretty and that girl will be ugly. Even though I am pretty now, I will be even prettier! So if the boy you fancy, fancies someone else, don't worry because in a couple of years he will probably fancy you! (So will all the other boys and they won't fancy the girl)

How do you make a girl fancy you if she says she doesn't?

i say u go for it

How do you impress a girl on phone?

just say i love you or say i fancy you

Why does this girl make me nervous?

Most likely because you are shy and fancy her.

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