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Talking should pose no problems ... dating is another issue. Anyone should be able to talk to anyone else they so choose. Seems one party is being extremely jealous.

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Q: How do you get a girl to stop talking to your boyfriend?
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If a girl's boyfriend tells you to stop talking to her what do you do?

Uh... Stop talking to her?

You found out your boyfriend was talking to another girl what can you do?

Talking to another girl? There shouldn't be any problem with just talking, so there is no need to do anything there. Try talking to your Boyfriend and see what he says about this girl.

What is stop the world by Demi Lovato talking about?

demi cant stop the world and make things change is what that means and she cant make a girl stop falling in love with her boyfriend or spend more time with her boyfriend.

What do you do if this girl will not stop trying to be with your boyfriend and they also had sex when you guys were broken up how do you make her stop trying to talk to him?

Instead of trying to get her to stop talking to him, you should get him to stop talking to you. He is alot more likely to give you what you want than she is.

If a girl tolk about her x boyfriend to you?

If a girl keep on talking about her ex-boyfriend to you that means she still loves him!

What's justin biber boyfriend?

a new single of his talking about if a girl was his boyfriend

Is it bad to be jealous of your boyfriend talking to a girl?

It's not a bad thing. Honestly most girls get jealous when there boyfriend is talking to another girl. But you shouldn't worry about it.

How to handle your boyfriend talking to the girl he cheated with?

beat him up.

Why a girl stop talking to a boy?

the girl lost intrest

How do i get my girlfriend to stop talking about her sexual experiances with her ex boyfriend.?

tell her "that was the past, its done, its over with. I'm your boyfriend now so just stop talking about him." that's what you should tell her

What do you do if a girl is flirting with your boyfriend?

If I was the girlfriend, and I know what's going on, I will talk to this girl and ask her what she is trying to do. I will ask her if she knows that the boy she is trying to flirt has a girlfriend. I will be civilize and calm and be professional about talking to the other girl. I will also tell her how will she feel if it was her boyfriend that's being flirt by another girl. Then I will ask nicely to stop flirting with my boyfriend.

What to do if your boyfriend is talking continually to another girl behind your back?

Confront to him that you don't like that. If he stop that means he values you, if he doesn't stop then you guys need to sit down and have a long talk.

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