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1. Girls HATE show offs. You may think it's cool, but it's not. It makes you look as though you're trying too hard.

2. Girls just want someone to talk to. Wether their happy or upset, BUT.. the golden rule is you DON'T tell your guy friends afterwards what the girl has shared with you. Don't laugh at her either.

3. Be nice to her. Yes it sounds lame but would you rather go out with the guy showing off running around a football field? or the guy sitting down next to you calmly chatting with you lovingly.

4. Give her a compliment. Once in a while girls would like to be complimented. How their hair looks, wether they have lovely skin, If you like their smile, If they're funny or caring. I'm sure EVERY girl in the world would appreciate someone special telling them that, it just makes our day a whole lot better.

Asking A Girl Out

1. I'm positive when I say this - NO girl wants to be asked out by another guy for another person, it's just plain wrong. If you want to go out with the girl THAT badly you'll puck up the courage to ask her yourself. It shows how caring you are and how much she means to you.

2. DON'T ask a girl out on Msn, email or some kind of chat room. It means you're gutless and that you can't do it face to face. Nearly 60% of girls would say NO to that.

3. NO crowds. When you ask her out do it in private or when you're alone. Don't say it in front of a huge crowd, because that shows you're only doing for the attention or it's a dare or your friends have pressured you into it. It's not a good look and I'm sure sooner or later the girl would pick that up.

---Answer 2

If you want a girlfriend, be yourself. Girls like to be treated like princesses (sweetly). Everyone has someone out in the world that they are meant to be with for the rest of their lives : a soulmate. And you have one, too. All you have to do is keep looking for that right one, someone that will love everything about you. Love isn't a maybe thing -- you know when you're in love. No questions need to be asked. Surely there is that one girl out there who is looking forward to going out with you.

--- Answer 3

If you have a crush on a girl and you want her to be your girlfriend do these rules!

1. Don't make her think you're stalking her by staring at her all the time. But if you two do look at each other, smile a friendly smile.

2. First be her friend.

3. Be yourself.

4. Show manners.

5. Don't try to impress her.

6. Get to know a girl before you date her.

7. This may not always work out

--- Answer 4

1. Get to know her first.

2. Talk to her even if you're shy because that's a way to make her like you more, as long as you act yourself.

3. Piercings and tattoos will drive her away and if you have kids what will you tell them when your supposed to be a good father: and if they really like you they can wait to date you or have sex. Love is Patience. Patience is a virtue.

4. Don't always hug or touch her because she may not like hugging because she gets hugged all the time. Don't curse around her because she will definitely start not liking you.

5. Talk more about her than yourself girls talk more than guys should and listen to her you have one mouth and two ears you should listen twice as much as you talk. And talk about her so she doesn't think you're selfish.

6. If you're smart, she'll take more interest in you, and won't ignore you when you talk.

7. Again, This isn't proven to work every time but it has a good success rate.

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never had a friend or girlfriend so

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Get off your computer and socialize more.

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Q: How do you get a girlfriend?
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