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Be a gentleman.

Have a great sense of humor. Girls like a guy that can make them laugh.

Just remember, some one out there thinks you're beautiful.

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Does Justin dior combs have a ugly girlfriend or a pretty girlfriend?

he have a pretty girlfriend

Are brothers ugly?

No,and yes.If they had a cite girlfriend then maybe not. if you havent had one then his not ugly

How can have a nice girlfriend this year?

Get less ugly.

Why did bryn dump his girlfriend?

cause she is ugly

How do you get a girlfriend in high school even if your ugly?

even if your ugly . .but your attitude is good . .you will have enough girlfriends . .

Does Bowwow have a girlfriend?

yes he does her name is Abena Williams and she is ugly

Can i go visit my girlfriend when she's deplyed?

no. you are ugly and so is she.

Who is josh ramsay marianas trench girlfriend?

Your face is ugly

Does Charlie Bone get a girlfriend?

No...He's Ugly Af'! is wrong.

Is ricky going to get a girlfriend?

no cause hes to ugly from Trent and bundy

Who is Jacoby Ellsbury's girlfriend?

Some ugly girl named Kelsey.

Is Caitlin beadles Justin Biebers old girlfriend?

no because she is to ugly for him

How do you make a girlfriend if your ugly in 5 th grade?

Have lots of money!

If Richie got a girlfriend would she be ugly or cute?

Why don't you flirt with him and find out? If you're ugly, or cute, that's your problem solved.

Does the Patrick from SpongeBob have a girlfriend?

No, Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants does not have a girlfriend.NO WAY!!!Patrick is too stupid and ugly!But Spongebob is awesome!

What does it mean in a dream when you saw ugly face of your girlfriend?

The dream suggests that you have seen, or that you have intuitively sensed, an unpleasant characteristic in your girlfriend that you have not seen before.sometimes u might look ugly then u might look pretty

How do you pork your ugly girlfriend?

if you have the guts to call your gf ugly then you shouldn't be allowed to pork anything and you should totally apologize to her for calling her ugly because that proves that you don't deserve her and that you are shallow

Is Chuck Norris ugly?

My girlfriend looks like Chuck Norris and I am proud of it !!!!

How old is Soulja Boy's girlfriend?

she is probly old cause shes ugly

If you say Justin Bieber's girlfriend is ugly what would he say?

probably that she is beautiful

How do you seem less ugly if you are a boy?

Tell your self your HOT :) or get a girlfriend to say it for you :)

Is ray ray of mindless behaivor girlfriend ugly?

He Looks Like A Girl ;)

Is justin girlfriend ugly?

just tell me what she looks like and I'll tell you.

What can one do when Viagra no longer works?

Get Rid of your ugly Girlfriend and find a Hottie !!

Will you ever get a girlfriend if you are ugly and have no money?

Of course. Women use a different criteria in selecting a mate. Plus there are plenty of ugly women looking for a boyfriend.