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How do you get a girlfriend if your 13?

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If you are 13, maybe start to flirt but don't over do it, you never know she may not like you back. Keep it cool.

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How old was justin bieber's youngest girlfriend?

He was 13 and so was his girlfriend, so 13.

Does charlie green have a girlfriend in his young age of 13?

i think he does have a girlfriend

How can you tell if your girlfriend thinks she's your girlfriend and your 13?

Just ask her. It will be ok:)

How do you get a 13 year old girlfriend?

Um, BE 13 and ask her out, its simple.

How do you get a girlfriend at age 13?

get to know her better

Is it weird not to have a girlfriend by the age of 13?

Not at all.

What if your girlfriend is 17 and your 13 is that bad?


What to do when your 13 and your girlfriend is 12?

Go to the movies.

How old does Liam want his girlfriend to be?


Should a 13 year old have a girlfriend?

13 is an okay age to date.

How young is Justin Bieber when he has a girlfriend?

Justin Bieber was 13 when he had his first girlfriend in Stratford Ontario :)

When was My Best Friend's Girlfriend created?

My Best Friend's Girlfriend was created on 2008-02-13.

How can 13 year old get a girlfriend if you are homeschooled?

A 13 year old can get a girlfriend, even if they're homeschooled, simply by going out and meeting people. Getting a girlfriend isn't limited to school children. As long as a person is social and good at making friends, they can get a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

How old was justin Starr when he had his first girlfriend?


Is 13 year olds old enough for a girlfriend?


What to do if you have a girlfriend?

if you have a girlfriend you have to be sweet to her and dont be a punk because then she will defenitely brake up with you. But what do i know im only 13

How do you please your girlfriend at the age of 13?

massage her shoulders and then her feet

How do you get back your 13 year old girlfriend?

well how old are you

You are 13 how do you get a hot girlfriend?

You are 13 and you have never had a girlfriend is that normal?

Yes,that is perfectaly normal

The average age to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

13 or 14 and up

When should you kiss your 13 year old girlfriend?

Not untill16

Can we be his girlfriend were are 10?

Yes you can, but it is easer if you wait until you are about 13.

Is it all right to have a girlfriend at 13?

Of course, it's great.

Is it ok to start dating at 13?

Ya. Sure. I would know. Im 13 too and i have a girlfriend.