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Q: How do you get a higher level quicker on my spaces's sorority life?
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How many levels in Sorority Life?

The highest level I've seen is level 215. I'm sure it goes higher.

How do you get a higher level quicker on Movie Star Planet?

Make movies and get people to watch them.

Highest level on sorority life on facebook?


How do you level up you Pokemon quicker?

You have to go slowly with your own pace and not hurry or else your level will start going down. What I do is you keep on going slowly na dthen I get my level higher and higher.

What is the highest level in sorority life?

It is not known what the highest level in Sorority Life was because the game was shutdown on January 8, 2014. The game was popular for over 5 years and many people reached level 200.

Do you have to beat the elite four 10 times to get level 100?

No, you can just train your Pokemon against wild Pokemon to level up. But it's a little quicker going against the elite 4 cos their Pokemon are higher level than wild Pokemon.

How much exp can you get in an hour by cutting ivy on runescape?

It depends on what hatchet you are using and what level of Woodcutting you are. For example if you are a higher level you will cut the object quicker than if you were a lower level. Also if you are using a hatchet such as a dragon hatchet that affects EXP gain as well.

How do you level up in sorority life?

You go "Socialize" and then when you socialize enough you will level up because of the Influence Points. When you level up there will be more socialize events to do so you will level up faster.

How do you get a major in sorority life on Facebook?

Once you reach a certain Level, you will be given the opportunity to declare a major.

How do you earn the sorority life logo?

You have an option to create a sorority logo once you reach a certain level. Under the socialize tab, go to the house tab. and the event is called Design Sorority Logo (One time only). It requires you to have a cell phone and one sister, as well as 75 energy. You will receive a Sorority Logo, 200 Influence, and $100,000- $200,000 cash.

Can you sacrifice a level 5 to special summon a higher level?

i have a higher level my level has mi at 19

How do you get more brownie points on myspace sorority life?

You may buy some if you go to house mom! And you can complete free offers. (For Sponsors) You would have to advance in Sorority Life. Move up a level, or complete a platinum expertise!