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Go To USPS On Your Computer Look Under Jobs, It Will Give You All Information Needed.

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If you are married to a felon can you get a job at a post office?

Yes but, you cannot be a felon. The Post Office is not employing your spouse.

Is working for the post office a federal job?

Yes, it is a federal job.

How does a post office job work?

like a boss

Who do you notify is your post office is not doing their job?

The Post Office has a website so I would think there is a menu item for complaints.

Do post office jobs require training?

Official training does not seem necessary for a post office job, but as with any job, there are skills you should have before working at a post office. For example, you need to have good social and people skills, as well as an organizational mindset.

How do you apply for a job in the Post Office?

Click on the link to your right for the answer.

Can you find US tax forms at the local post office?

No, you will have to get them through your job or place of emloyment. Your unemployment office will provide you with these documents if you are unable to work or do not have a job.

How does one get a job in the post office?

To attain a job at a post office: 1. Visit a post office of choice 2. Ask for an application 3. Fill out the application and present it with attached resume USPS offers available jobs to be searched on the official web page. One may apply online through this page as well.

What job can a 14 year old get in stevenage?

Shelve stacking at a local Post Office

Can you get a post office job with a general discharge under honorable conditions?

Yes, you can if there is a vacancy.

Herbert vogel job?

Herbert Vogel worked in the post office during his lifetime.

What is German for post office?

"Post office" is simply "Post," or "Postamt."

Am I a fleet post office or army post office?

FPO = Fleet post office for Navy personel. Apo = Army post office for Army personel

What are the different tasks that a post office job has?

A post office job has many different tasks many people do not realize. The tasks include collecting letters from people, sort incoming mail, sell stamps to people, and get customers signature for special mail.

Where can one find information about post office recruitment in India?

You can find recruitment for the post offices in India at the post offices themselves or alternatively at job centers. You can also browse jobs in India on the monsterindia job search website.

What the importance of post office?

what are the importance of post office

Is post office capitalized?

If you're just writing "post office," then no. But if it's a specific post office, yes. For example: "New York City Post Office."

What is reference point to measure distance between two citys?

Main Post office (Head Post Office) to Main Post Office (Head Post Office)

Where is the best place to post a resume for a dental job?

The best place to post a resume for a dental job would be on job sites like monster. However, I suggest you just try to talk with a dental office and leave your resume with them.

Is post office a proper noun?

The compound noun 'post office' is a common noun as a general word for a local branch of any postal service.Examples:I can stop at the post office.The post office has shipping cartons.The noun 'post office' is a proper noun as part of the name of a specific post office; for example, Springfield Post Office 19064 or Jackson Post Office 45640.A proper noun is always capitalized.

Is it possible to get a job at 12?

Yes, if you have a post office that is local to you, you can ask for a job as a paper boy, however, you must make sure that there are vacancies for the job Hope this helps

What is the plural form of post office?

The plural form of post office is post offices.

How do you rent a post office box?

Go to the post office.

Who works in a post office?

a mailman works in a post office

Can you get free stickers at the post office?

Depends which post office you are at.

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