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Contact your county run unemployment agency. They should be able to help.

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Q: How do you get a job when you have no education and no child care?
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What kind of training is needed for a job in child care?

The amount of education you need for a child care job can vary from a high school diploma to a 4-year college degree. It depends on the branch of child care you would like to go into.

Which of these is a latent function of education?

Providing child care

What type of schooling is required for a child care job?

To get a child care job you need to have an associates degree in education. Some places may require a bachelors degree. Experience with kids is also important.

Job description for a child care worker?

It is a carers job that what it is

Why are you interested in working in child care?

When interviewing for a job in child care, you may have to answer why you are interested in the job. Answering the question honestly and including the reasons, which can be your love of children.

Can you be a Child Care teacher?

yes if you want a job

What position can be held in a childcare facility with a business degree?

None. You need classes/units in child development and education to work in child care. In the state of CA you can begin working as a child care worker with only 12 units in the areas list above, but unless there are several schools in the child care system a business degree will give you a job in the business office and will not meet the needs of the state qualifications required for child care.

Where do I get a child care training ?

You can get child care at the Department of Children and Family. Here the right place for you to get a child care training and if you are successful you can be certified as well as additional money for you to do the job.

How does Montessori education care for the whole child?

This education takes a wholistic approach to educating the child. They look at the combination of mind, body, and spirit.

What has the author Audrey Curtis written?

Audrey Curtis has written: 'A curriculum for the pre-school child' -- subject(s): Activity programs, Child development, Curricula, Education, Preschool, Preschool Education 'Early learning' -- subject(s): Child development, Testing 'Care and Education in Early Childhood' -- subject(s): Early childhood education, Child care 'Curriculum for the Pre-school Child, A'

What has the author Joseph T Lawton written?

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What has the author Scott Groginsky written?

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What is the highest paying job you can get in Childrens Education with an AA degree?

Twelve dollars an hour as an Assistant Director at a child care institution..that equates to under $25K a year

Did the free slaves have a job health care or an education after the Civil War?

No they did not

Why do parents not care about their teenager's education?

If a parent doesn't care about there teenagers education then they probalbly do not care about their child. A persons entire future can depend on their education, it changes their whole life so if the parent doesn't care a bout that then they don't care about their teenagers life or future.

Are there any positions available in child care?

There are plenty of Child Care jobs available in Arkansas, but I could only find a few in West Memphis. a Behavioral Health Education Coordinator, or a Child Care Director.

What is the odds of a teen getting pregnant and still being successful in life?

It isn't very high, but it is possible. Taking care of a child is a full time job. Someone has to be available 24x7. To be successful education is going to be required and learning is a full time job. A child has to be supported and education costs money, so money has to be earned somehow. So you have a 24x7 job taking care of the kid, a 40 hour work week and a 40 hour school week and you are already waaaay beyond the ability of a human person, not to mention a young person who is still growing. So, taking care of a child, plus earning a living, plus finishing an education is tough. But it is possible!

What has the author Pauline H Turner written?

Pauline H. Turner has written: 'Child development and early education' -- subject(s): Child care, Child development, Early childhood education

What qualifications are need for child care in Ohio?

The Ohio child care member requirements are as follows: Must be at least 18 years old and have a high school education or have completed a training program approved by the Department of Human Services. Such approved programs include a vocation education home economics course or a Child Care Job Training Porgram for Adults which must include completeing 5 required and 3 elective courses for a total of 160 hours.

Benefits when pregnant with no job?

you will not be able to take care of your own child

Why do teachers care for education?

Teachers care for education because they usually like the pupils and enjoy teaching them . Also its their job and they want these pupils to have a bright , great ,future!

What has the author Janet Gonzalez-Mena written?

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Child Care Jobs in a Growing Industry?

Child Care can offer many facets of job opportunities for those who have the desire to work with the younger child. Offering positions such as preschool teachers, which requires a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, child care management which requires a bachelor’s degree in general education, business or management, child care teachers which requires a CDP or child care assistants which may require a CCP, the field of childcare and early childhood education and development is a growing industry. For those considering a higher level instructor, supervisory or teaching position in a child care center, a CDA or Child Daycare Associate certification is a good start. Available online or in a classroom at many technical schools nationwide, a CDP is an excellent choice for those wishing a fast start to their child care job of choice while gaining valuable work experience. For those looking for more part time or entry level job opportunities in the Child Care industry, a CCP or Child Care Professional certification is a good choice. Also available either online or through most technical schools nationwide, a CCP offers a beginning credential for child care assistants or aid positions in most early childhood schools or child care settings in the country. For child care management jobs, a bachelor’s degree may be required. Although this position may be gained with a CDP plus a required number of on the job training hours, consulting with your local child care authority prior to beginning your educational choice is advised. Any general degree which is centered in early child hood care or education or those degrees dealing with management and business principles are desired for this particular career choice. Some of the training includes general early childhood education courses, early childhood development, abuse and neglect, health and welfare and conflict resolution and management. Other optional courses can include transportation safety, potty training, sanitation, money management and nutrition. While most child care career training is by book, most states will require some form of skills training to be done under supervised conditions prior to certification assignment. This can be found by calling any licensed child care center which offers internships.

Is it okay for a parent to stay home and take care of a child while the other parent is out working a job?

it is okay for one parent to work a job and for the other to stay at home and take care of a child as long as it makes the child and the parent happy! and if the child is getting the care that is needed and there is being enough money made to support the family.

What has the author Judith W Seaver written?

Judith W. Seaver has written: 'Child care administration' -- subject(s): Administration, Child care workers, Day care centers, Philosophy, Preschool Education