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Individuals cannot "put" something on someone else's credit report. Judgments are part of the public record, and as such, are the subject of routine searches by individuals who re-sell this type of information to Credit Reporting Agencies. So, if you were the prevailing party in a judgment, you can be relatively certain the judgment will find it's way onto the defendants credit. In most states, a judgment must be recorded twice to ensure that it attachs to any real property owned by the defendant.

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How can you get an unpaid bill put on someones credit report?

Take them to court.

Can a collection agency for a parking ticket be put on your credit report?

It wount be a collection aggency. But the city can put a judgment on your credit report that will effect your credit score.

If someone owes you money can you put a notice on their credit report of upcoming lawsuit even before judgment occurs?

If someone owes you money, you can not put a notice on their credit report of an upcoming lawsuit. A judgment must be entered in court, before it can be reported to a credit report.

How do you get rid of a judgment that was put on your credit report because you were a defendant in a law suit that resulted in the Plaintiff's favor?

The judgment will remain in the Public Records section of the credit report for seven years. In some instances a judgment can be renewed,if so, it can remain on the credit report indefinitely. There is nothing that can be done to have the data removed from the CR before the required expiration date.

How do you report an eviction to the credit bureaus?

No need to do any reporting. When the eviction judgment was entered, the credit bureaus update their files and will put this on the defendant tenant's credit file.

Can a judgment be put on your credit if the debt was part of the bankruptcy?

Not if the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy. If the judgment was on the credit report before the bankruptcy was filed and/or was discharged in the bankruptcy, the entry will still remain on the CR for seven years.

How do you get an outstanding judgment placed on someone's credit report?

Placing JudgmentsFirst you need to win the judgment in court proceedings. Then with that paperwork, you can contact the credit reporting agency. With that judgment, you can also do a search of the person's assets (through the internet) and put a lien on the assets.Individuals do not report judgment awards to credit reporting bureaus that is done by independent agencies contracted by the credit bureaus.A judgment cannot be used to access a person's financial and personal information, that is done via discovery documents issued before the judgment is entered against the debtor/defendant.

How do you put an eviction against someones credit?

When an eviction judgment is placed against a person by the judge it is picked up by credit bureaus. Judgments for evictions are the same as those of lawsuits. There may or may not be any money involved.

How do you report a tenant to a credit agency?

The are a number of companies that will do this for a price. If you file an eviction lawsuit and get a judgment, this can be picked up automatically by the credit reporting agencies. Furthermore, recording a judgment lien will also put this on the debtor's credit rating. However, since this is not always the case all landlords should report their tenants behavior and payment history to the link in related links.

Is it a criminal charge for not paying a balance owed?

No. It is not. There is no such thing as a debtor prison in the U.S. You might get sued in a civil court and have a judgment put on your credit report which will negatively affect your ability to obtain credit. But you won't go to jail or get arrested if you don't pay your balance. No. It is not. There is no such thing as a debtor prison in the U.S. You might get sued in a civil court and have a judgment put on your credit report which will negatively affect your ability to obtain credit. But you won't go to jail or get arrested if you don't pay your balance.

Who can put a freeze on your credit report?

Only you.

Can a credit card judgment put lien on a house?

In this state a credit card judgment can not put a lien on a house. Other answers indicate that in other places it can. You will need to find out about the law in your area.

How can a landlord put unpaid rent on your credit report?

Untill you ever pay the rent or he files a lawsuit and gets you kicked out. I don't know what that answer means. Eviction cases are public records, and the credit bureaus go through every case, and enter the names of the parties and the judgment amount. The landlord can report the arrearage to the credit bureaus, but if he doesn't, it will likely make it onto the tenant's report anyway.

Can a collection agency put a judgment on your credit?

== == Yes they can. Happens all the time.

How do you take off negatives that are not yours from your credit report?

Contact the 3 credit egencys and let them know there is fraud, all so put a fraud alert on your credit report.

Does an account put with a collection agency always show up on your credit report?

This depends only if the creditor originally reported your account to your credit report.

What do you have to write in order for the credit breau to put positive credit on your report?

you don't write anything, it is your creditors who report the information weather it be positive or negative.

If the judge said you don't have to come back to court if you settle a judgment amongst yourselves and neither party returned to court did they still have the right to put the judgment on your credit?

If the judge told you this information then it should not be on your credit report. You may want to get something in writing from the other party to send to the credit bureau in case it happens to appear on your file. With documentation, you should be able to have it removed quickly.

How do you put a lien on someones house after you obtain a judgment against them for the money they owe you?

You can request a judgment lien from that court and arrange to have it recorded through the court in the land records. In many jurisdictions the sheriff's department records judgment liens.

Can you use a copy of a credit report from just one CRA to correct information in all three CRAs?

Simply put, no, you can not. They will require you to have a copy of their own credit report. The exception is if you have a tri-merged credit report (all three bureaus on one credit report). This is acceptable to dispute to all three bureaus with.

Can a credit card co put a lien on your property?

Not unless they sue you and and win a judgment in court.

How do you report to a credit reporting agency?

Consumers don't report their own credit history to credit reporting agencies - Lenders do. However, you can file a consumer alert with each of the agencies that will put your statement on file.

Can you put a freeze on your credit report?

im sorry i dont think so

Can a credit card company put lien on your property in California?

Yes, if the lender sues the borrower and receives a judgment that judgment can be implemented as a lien against real property belonging to the judgment debtor.

How do you get creditor to correct wrong information on your credit report?

This hapenned to me in the past. I was registered with experian, I had no defaults on my credit report, however a loan company told me that I had a default on my credit report I then told them that I had checked my experian credit report and it was clean but they told me it was equifax where the bad report was logged on. I checked it and it was for a credit card I had never even heard of. Equifax investigated it and found out in a couple of days that I had nothing to do with it. This was in 2007 about when it was removed. its now 2011 I also found out recently that you can actually sue companies that put false information on your credit report.