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How do you get a legendary bird?

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For FireRed and LeafGreen:

If you want an Articuno, go to the Seafoam Islands, which you can get to by way of Fuchsia City. Surf southward until you find two caves.

If you want a Zapdos, go to Lavender Town, and then head north. Surf on the river until you see a weird building.

If you would like a Moltres, go to One Island. Walk along the beach and surf north, and eventually, you'll find a place called Mt. Ember.

For Red, Blue and Yellow, Moltres is found on Victory Road.

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What is the name of the legendary fire bird?

phoenix or fire bird

Is a phonix a legendary bird?


What legendary Pokemon in mtsilver in Pokemon soul silver?

Moltas: the fire legendary bird Pokemon the second strongest bird Pokemon

What is the name of Sinbad's bird?

It was named Roc, which is a legendary bird of prey.

What is the main legendary Pokemon in red?

There is no main Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Red for the Gameboy however there are four main Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Red and they are the ice-type Legendary Bird Articuno, the electric-type Legendary Bird Zapdos, the fire-type Legendary Bird Moltres and the rare Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.

How do you get legendary fire bird in Pokemon FireRed?

Moltres, the legendary fire bird, is found deep inside Mt. Ember, in the Sevii Islands.

Do the legendary bird Pokemon evolve?

They do not. All the legendary birds are single form pokemon.

What is the best legendary bird?

zapdos is the best

Does lugia rule the legendary bird trio?


What is sarimanok?

type of a legendary bird that was MARANAO made it

What is the name for a large Arabian legendary bird?


What legendary Pokémon can you find in Pokémon gold?

you can find HO-OH (the legendary bird, found in the tin tower when you get the rainbow wing), lugia (another bird), and Entie ( i don't think I spelled that right but that is the legendary dog that you can find)

HOW may legendary bird Pokemon are there?

There are three legendary bird Pokemon. 1) Zapdos: electric and flying 2) Moltress: Fire and flying 3) Articuno: Ice and flying

Who is Ho-oh?

The Legendary Rainbow bird Fire.

What is Moltres in Pokemon?

Moltres is a legendary fire bird on Pokemon

Whats in seafoam islands in soulsilver?

the legendary bird articono

How do you say bird in Irish?

Correct Answer: The Irish word for bird is éan. Cuchulain was a legendary Irish hero.

What is Articuno?

Articuno is a flying/ice type legendary bird pokemon.

How do you get legendary bird Pokémon's in Pokémon emerald?

you have to trade them from firered or leafgreen

Where is Phoenix's birthplace?

The legendary Phoenix bird was born from the ashes of Hell.

What is Phoenix birthplace?

The legendary Phoenix bird was born from the ashes of Hell.

Where is the main legendary bird in Pokemon silver?

whirl islands in jhoto

Who are the three legendary bird Pokemon?

The three Legendary Bird Pokemon people refer to are Articuno, an Ice/Flying-type, Zapdos, an Electric/Flying-type, and Moltres, a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon. They are the first Legendary trio that was introduced in the original Pokemon Red and Green.

How do you get the three bird legendary Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

you have to use action replay!

How do you get the legendary bird Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

I think you will have to use action replay