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How do you get a loan when you don't have a cosigner and don't know your credit status?

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2006-08-29 17:22:36

As to your credit status--you can request a copy of your credit

reports from each of the repositories on the internet. Just type in

"credit reports"- pick one that will give you all three at once or

get one at a time. It will cost you to get your scores so be

prepared. When you get your report, there will explanations for

everything on it. As far as getting credit, go to your bank/credit

union--hopefully you have been with them a while. Talk with a loan

officer and state your case. If you want to buy a car and use it

for security, make sure it is a car that doesn't lose it worth

quickly. If you just want to just borrow some money, start with a

small amount--pay that back and then start again. It won't take as

long as you think. Good luck.

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