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Start a non profit business

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Q: How do you get a loan with no job no bank account and no credit?
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Have bad credit no account but i have a credit card prepay have a job need a loan today what i need to have to receive one?

Yes, you can get Bad Credit Loan.

You have bad credit no bank account need 5000 dollars great union job need help please need personal loan?


What are the requirements for a SBA loan?

The requirements for a SBA loan is, excellent credit, a job history for at least 3 years or more working within one company and a bank account with finances available.

Will a bank give you a loan if you have bad credit?

No a bank wont give you a loan if you have have bad credit. If you loan someone money that means that they have some kind of credibility of giving it back but maybe you can work something out if you have a job.

What do you need to be credit worthy for credit card references?

Usually just proof of a steady, full-time income for more than one year, having a savings and checking account (both is good the amount in them doesn't matter). I received my first credit card on my 18th birthday after working a retail job for just one year. You can also become credit worthy by working part-time, saving money in a bank account and borrowing your own money from the same bank. Save about $1500 in a savings account in a small bank. Then tell the bank loan officer you want a "collaterol loan" for $1000. They will lock your $1500 dollars up until you finish paying the loan (say in one year) but then you will have the PROOF of a PAID LOAN from a bank that will show credit worthiness on your CREDIT REPORT for credit card references.

You have no bank account and you need a loan?

there is always a reason why someone does not have a bank account, so if someone needs to loan money their only option is to go to a friend or family. This will be difficult unless the borrower has a job and is able to pay back the loan.

Can you get a title loan with out bank account?

yes Yes, as long as you have a job and can provide monthly pay stubs.

How do I get a quick money loan?

To get a loan for a house you have to be approved and have decent credit and a steady job. You can apply at the bank, and it will take a few weeks to find out if you get the money.

How can a 17 year old apply for a personal loan?

Most companies don't loan money to 17 year olds. You'll be more successful if you can get a co-signer. This can be anyone, a friend or relative, who has a job and has credit established. You'll need a bank account. You can't get a loan unless you have a job. If you have a job, you might be able to get a PayDay loan which means you have to pay it back next month.

Can you get a home loan with bad credit but a good job?

It depends on how bad the credit and how good the job.

Who will approve you for a bad credit personal loan?

If you have bad credit you can still obtain a loan up to $1500 from most online payday loan companies. Most don't require a credit check, but you'll need to provide a checking account and have a job that deposits your check directly into your checking from which the loan can be repaid (auto drafted) from.

Where can I go to obtain a used car loan?

If you are interested in getting a used car loan, there are many companies who offer this. You can visit your own personal bank or you can go to a loan/banking websites such as Bank of Canada and carloan. You will need to have good credit and job to be approved.

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