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you dont listen to your parents and do what ever you want to doesnt matter if you get in trouble

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Should you be mean back if your sister is mean to you?

You should not be mean to your sister if see is being mean to you because then you will keep getting in fights and eventually you'll get in trouble by your mom like me.

Why is your 12 year old sister mean to you?

Well, because they are just mean bratty and bossy, and they are jealous of you, but you can always get back at them...

What do you do if someone is being mean to you?

some one is being mean to you do something back like be mean to them or stop them and it depends on is it a bully your brother or sister

How do you get your iPod back from your sister?

dude, my sister took my ipod too, its impossible to get it back

How do you say sister in Finnish?

Sisko If you mean "big sister" = isosisko If you mean "little sister" = pikkusisko

What do you do when your step sister or sister talks behind your back?

== ==

What does sister mean in German?

sister = Schwester

What does Je reviendrai te chercher petite soeur mean?

It means- I'll come back to get you, little sister

How can you get a friend back after a fight when your sister said she was stupid?

I don't see why you wouldn't be friends if your sistersaid something mean to her. just say she didnt mean it or she was kidding or she doesnt know what she is talking about. It works better with little sisters.

What does sister mean in Spanish?

"sister" in Spanish is "hermana".

What do you do if your sister is mean to you?

It might depend on what your sister means to you....

What does it mean to dream I'm rescuing my little sister from danger and I notice she has a demon face?

That you're in danger. Watch your back.

What to do when you hate your sister in law?

talk to them tell them that you care for them and don't be mean back, try not to argue, or do physical contact also.

Why is your little sister mean?

Your Sister could be mean but she loves you in the inside but likes to mess around with you

What does it mean when you dream about your sisters?

it mean that you love your sister but if the dream as conflict in it it means you have a problem with your sister

How many sister act movies are there?

Two - Sister Act and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

What to do if i can't pay back a person loan my sister gave me?

Talk with your sister.

What does ah-CHOT mean?

It means sister. It can either be a sister within a family (e.g. brother, sister) or it could mean a medical nurse.

What do you do if your sister betrays you?

Get her Back Or Hate Her

Why is your sister weird?

Your sister just seems weird to you because she's your sister and they mean to annoy you.

Your father conveyed his home and land to your sister and has changed his mind. How can he get his land back?

Your father has no interest or rights in the property. Your sister owns it. Your father can only get his property back if your sister agrees to execute a deed that conveys it back to him.

What does it mean when he cares about you as a sister?

Just what he said, he cares about you but only as if you were his sister.

If a man calls a woman sister does that mean he sees them as a sister?


What does sister pending mean?

She still haven't accepted your sister request.

What does it mean if a girl tells her sister about you?

It would depend on what she has told her sister