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Ask him if he says no than ask one of his friends to ask him who he likes and tell you but if he can't bad luck

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How do you get a mean fifth grade boy admit he likes you?

I'm forth grade boy but it happened to me get one of your friends and yourself to play with him but if he says no than your friend can say that she/he thinks the boy likes you

If a boy annoys you does it mean he likes you?

DEFINITLY, I'm in eighth grade and in sixth this wouldn't leave me alone and we've been dating since

How do you say sixth form in french?

sisième is sixth, I think, and sixth form? what do you mean? sixth grade is just sixth if that helps....

What does it mean when a guy stares at you but doesn't want to admit it?

he really likes you but is embarrassed to admit it the the girl he is staring at

What does Hough mean?

a school for children under sixth grade

What is a sixth grade term for a diamond?

If you mean the geometric shape, it would be rhombus.

What year is sixth grade?

If you mean "What age is a typical sixth grader?", between 10 and 13. I teach 8th grade, and they range from 12 to 15 depending on the kid and time of year.

How do you know if a boy likes you in 2 grade?

if a boy likes you in 2nd grade he stares at you and he said no mean on that and he said yes oops go that boy

What does it mean when he changes his facebook profile pic to you and him?

That means he kinda likes you but can't admit it yet

What does it mean if a guys friends say he likes you?

It means the guy has feelings for you but was too afraid to admit them.

What does it mean if you ask a guy if he likes you and he does not respond?

It means he isn't bold enough to admit or deny whether he likes you. Try a more subtle approach.

What does the sixth amendment mean in kid?

it means this website is fake lol -By the 6th grade =D

How do you know if a boy in your grade 5 class likes you?

Usually if they tease you or they are mean to you.

What does it mean if a guy doesnt tell you he likes you when you ask?

It could mean he really just doesn't like you or he is too shy to admit to liking you.

What does he mean when he says probably to when you ask him if he likes you?

He means ya. yup he means yes but doesnt want to admit it

What does it mean when a boy says he likes another girl and then wink at you?

that means that he is lying and he really likes you but he dosent want to admit it. or he is winking at you as a joke. maby you should get one of his good friends to ask him if he likes you

What do la sexta clase mean in English?

It means, "the sixth class." If you want to say "the sixth grade" you say, "el grado sexto," or just "el sexto."

What does it mean when you catch a guy starring at you and when you look at him he turns his head?

he likes you but doesn't want to admit it or he's to shy to talk to you

What does it mean if your crush humps you?

it means he likes you or he a player and just likes doing that. That happened to me when i was in 3rd grade but now I'm in 5th

What does it mean when my friend ask the boy you like if he likes you in front of you and he turn RED and smile at you bt turns to your friend and says No?

Either he likes you but he doesn't want to admit it, or he doesn't want to be mean and say what he thinks.

Are sixth grade girls mean?

Only if your mean to them, they like to hurt people, or if there just not cool and have issues. (problems) But that's hardly ever.

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