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You buy it online with a credit card (ask your parents to do that), you buy a gift card from a store and unlock the code online or you can win a contest online that has a prize for a free club penguin membership.

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give me one then I'll give u a member acc on cp

Of course you can! You can have one when you're a member or not.

well, you have to be a member

You have to buy it which is for member only.

You cant. If you have seen other non members with outfits they probably got them from the treasure book or a cp party!

if you want a membership then buy it! lolz!

you can't get it free but, you can get a cp code from a plush

to my understanding i can make you a member for only 90days once is my limit for each person who asks i do not hack accounts i make them members if you dont trust me then your out of a 90 day member ship

I do have an account that is a member. User: bob of cp Pass: bobcp

you have to be 630 days old to be a star member on cp

yes there is it is benlewis16773 and transformers

u have to be a member and buy it from the catalogue

it means it is you or it meas you are not a member

ya:first:download cp trainer 2 or 3 .......... 2 is betterand then open (cp hacks<in the left top of cp trainer 2 page) and choose account and press cp member

go on cp cheats and get cp storm meet ellie0002 she is very nice and a rich member

wait for a time hes at cp then go to the beach and you will see his ship, just walk on to it.

you have to hack or buy a membership at a store

well to get a member ship on club penguin is that you have to pay for it

Look at the member ship page or something and it will tell you how much it costs FOR A MEMBER SHIP. Its free for a non member ship penguin.

You can not. There is this video on you tube that says if you have a CP trainer 2.0 you can, but you actually can't.

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