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How do you get a motorcycle back from someone who took it?


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If you legally own it, file a police report for a stolen vehicle.

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No, It is not illegal from someone that does not have a license to ride the motorcycle. If the person without a license was driving the motorcycle then it would be illegal.

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Yes, but you usually need someone with a motorcycle license supervise you. Check the law for your specific state. For example, in New York a driver with a motorcycle learner's permit can drive a motorcycle as long as someone age 21+ with a valid motorcycle license is supervising and within 1/4 of a mile at all times.

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A very general answer to this specific question is this. Yes, but if your DP refuses to give it back when asked, then you will need to report it stolen to the police who may insist that you press charges before they investigate. However, if you live in California, Nevada or Oregon, then you and your domestic partner jointly share community property and either partner may take the motorcycle without permission and it is not considered theft. I suggest you resolve the issue in order to avoid the liability of having someone else operating a vehicle that is registered in your name, as you will be personally liable for parking tickets and any damage to property or persons caused by the motorcycle.

Motorcycle saddlebags are used to store stuff in them. They are hung at the back of a motorcycle and have one bag on each side which is used to store important papers and other stuff.

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