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How do you get a mousse cake in paper Mario the thousand year door?


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Just take a Cake Mix to Zess T.. You can get cake mix at the Pianta Parlor.

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Figis Chocolate Mousse Cake has 150 calories.

On the west side of Rogueport, in the painta parlor for 6 painta coins

A souffle, is like a cake, but airier. While mousse, is a chilled pudding-like dessert. It can also be made into a cake, called mousse cake, where it is mixed between a layer (Or more) of biscuits, or something similar, or may just be made of layers of various flavours of mousse. There are wikipedia articles for both Souffle, and Mousse, that will probably serve to answer your question a little better.

The main difference between chiffon and mousse is that chiffon is usually made with cake. Both chiffon and mousse use egg whites as an ingredient.

They had two cakes, 1 traditional cake, which had 3 tiers and Wills favorite kind of cake, a chocolate mousse/biscute cake.

Try chocolate, coffee or strawberry mousse.

You would use Cake Mix and a Koopa Leaf.

You would use Cake Mix and a Koopa Leaf.

Buy it with Pinta coins at the pinta parlor. (fix spellings)

Buy it with Pinta coins at the pinta parlor. (fix spellings)

work on with the people that bake and sales cake and found out lol!

A common term for just "Chocolate Cake" in French is "un gâteau au chocolat" Since "mousse" is an English term deriving directly from the exact word in French, you would just say "une mousse au chocolat" or "un gâteau mousse au chocolate." Hope this helps! :D

Depends wat ur talking bout if ur talkin bout Paper Mario then the 1st is not a lie and 2nd is

A Concord cake (also spelled Concorde) in not a typical North American style cake. It basically consists of chocolate flavoured meringue layers sandwiched with a uncooked chocolate mousse. The whole cake is then covered in more mousse and decorated with broken "sticks" of the same chocolate meringue stuck all over the outside of the cake. The cake was created (in the '70's) by the renown French pastry chef Gaston Lenotre. Some say that the cake is named after the supersonic aircraft, but it was not mentioned in Lenotre's cookbook with the recipe.

There is an entire website dedicated to cooking games. Some good games available on this site include Chocolate Mousse Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Cooking Tasty Cupcakes, and Apple Cake.

A list of Belgian cakes includes Carrot Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Almond Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Apple Pie, Belgian Chocolate Cake, Milk Tarts, and many more.

Strawberry cheese cake, Strawberry ice-cream, Fruit salad, Strawberry Mousse etc.

cake ice cream jell o pudding chocolate mousse brownies

It depends on who you ask me I perfer Chocolate Mousse Cake with Chocolate icing basically anything chocolate no vanilla for me.

There is a baking paper called "parchment paper" you can get at most supermarkets in the section with waxed paper and foil. Waxed paper also can be used to line cake pans.

actually Mario is on cake boss and if he wasnt for a few shows thenhe is sick maybehe wants to take a breakor he is on a vacation

Paper Bag and Cake - 2009 was released on: USA: 8 September 2009

Chocolate gateau is a French version of chocolate mousse, usually made as a cake. The French invented the term and dessert.

Line your cake pan with parchment paper. You can wet the parchment paper for easier handling when lining your cake pan.

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