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Q: How do you get a paperclip out of a glass without using your hands?
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How do you get a paperclip out of a glass using a magnet?

you put the magnet by the paperclip and it goes up

What can a person hold without touching or using their hands?

A person can hold his/her Breath without using his/her hands. If a person has been born without arms, they can use their feet in the same way as hands with no problems.

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A promise!

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your breath

You can hold it without using your hands or arms?

Your breath

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Your breath

What can you hold without using your hands?

A ball with your feet

What is the crystal of a watch?

The crystal is the glass that protects the dial and the hands of the watch, and it can be made with many materials, with the high-end watches using sapphire glass.

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You eat like a pig

How is a goal scored in football?

get the ball into the net without using your hands

What can you hold without ever using your hands or arms?

Your breath. Take a dump.

What is a back flip without using hands?

its called a back handspring tuck

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place a boxing glove on your foot..... then BAM

How do you use paperclip in a sentence?

all you say is "I love using paperclips" or "Do you like using paperclips" something like that

How do you empty a full glass of water exactly in half without using any measuring?


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Yes, why don't you try not feet too! :)

How can you make your penis longer and thicker without surgery drugs or medication?

using just hands

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You try to get the soccer ball in your opponent's net without using your hands.

Ow can you remove the oven dish using the cotton gloves without burning your hands?


You can hold it without using your hands or arms What is it?

a spoon your breath your tongue your thoughts a meeting

Why was the machine gun invented?

to protect,and defend ourself without any worry.also to fight in the war without using our bear hands

What does it mean when someone said you did it with your bare hands?

It means something was performed using just your hands. IE. without the aid of any sort of tool.

How could you pour out exactly half a glass of water without using any measurement tools?

Tilt the glass slowly until the bottom of the glass just barely touches the surface of the water.

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Actually do something about it. Two hands working achieve more than a thousand hands in prayer.

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