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Unless you are a famous person yourself or are in a industry where you could run into this man, it's highly unlikely you'll ever have the chance to either meet or date him. Any number of people probably fantasize about this same man, the same way people have always idolized celebrities. There's nothing wrong with having fantasies about him as long as you realize this.

His family, his friends, and his business associates know who he really is. Some celebrities put on a charming appearance with fans while treating staff and friends/family rudely. What you (and his other fans) know is the public persona he has--which may have very little to do with who he is in his private life. Even when someone is lucky enough to meet or date a certain celebrity, the glitter falls off when they realize the person has bad habits, is egocentric or is nothing like their public image.

Ok ,Please get help for your mental state.You are delusional and are very ill.or you are Katie Holms.....
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Q: How do you get a really famous man to love you if you really really love him and he is 15 years older than you every one makes fun of you because you believe that 1 day that dream will come true?
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