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AnswerI just removed the very same thing from my 25 year old washer yesterday, and it was very uneventfull because of a few tricks I use from when I rapaired cars. I'll give you the answer in order: 1 - Hose down each connection thoroughly with Penetrating Oil. I prefer to use the kind that foams and bubbles. Cooking oil can be used with very light heat from a torch or paint strip gun. 2 - Repeat the process 2 more times over about 3 hours. 3 - Get your tool of choice (channel lock, monkey, or Vice Grip) Make sure the grooves of the biting surfaces are clean. 4 - TURN OFF THE WATER!! Most shut offs at the washer are siezed, So turn off the main supply.Open other taps in the line to drain the system at the lowest point. 5 - Wipe the hose fittings with strong soap and water to remove the oil where your tools will be working. 6 - The method to remove a seized, threaded part is only done 1 way, and that is a quick "snap" or pulse from the user. Make sure your tool isn't too tight, crushing the cup and threads. Washing machines typically have plastic (brittle)fittings, and if you apply gradual pressure you risk breaking the plastic. 7 - Ensure you are loosening the coupler, not tightening it. LEFTY LOOSEY ----- RIGHTY TIGHTY Take a moment to consider this when you're not facing the fitting. 8 - All the hoses should come off. 9 - If this doesn't work, apply more Penetration Oil and repeat. 10 - Clean the threads with steel wool or a soapy stiff toothbrush. Use Plumbers'thread Seal tape when installing the new hose, Remember to wrap the tape clockwise or it will unravel. Try to put the new hose on HAND tight - snug and no leaks. Ensure the new hoses are not chaffing against anything, string them up in a sensible way(no kinks)for longer life. Answerget a bigger wrench! AnswerSometimes you have to replace the valve.
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Q: How do you get a rusted washing machine hose off the plumbing pipe?
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Where can someone purchase a washing machine hose?

A washing machine hose can be purchased most hardware stores such as Ace hardware. It can also be purchased at Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, Walmart, Target and Sears.

What is Air Trap Hose in washing machines?

It saves waste water backing up to or from the washing machine.

What did a washing machine look like in the 1920s?

1920's washing machines didn't have a lid. You would have to get the hose from the garden and fill the washer machine up!

Why does your washing machine drain as it is filling up?

The hose has to be at least at the top of the washer.

Why does washing machine leak as soon as you turn it on?

The washing machine leaks as soon as it is turned on is probably due to an obstructed flow. Check the drainage hose, and make necessary adjustments.

Where is the drain pump on a Signature washing machine?

On almost all washing machines it is attached immediately below the centre of the tub. It will be easily recognisable by the thick hose going to the back of the machine.

How do you get the bait out of your gear?

wash your gear... then clean the washing machine, or hand wash it out with the hose and soap

How do you install a washing machine drain that has to connect to a loose drain hose that's built into the floor Is it advisable to seal the connection with silicone?

To connect a washing machine drain hose to a flexible hose it is proper to seal the union with plumbers tape and a hose clamp. Silicone should not be used because it may come loose and get into the drainage system. If Silicone is used it might also be necessary to cut the hose when removing the washer drain hose.

What is the meaning of water inlet of washing machine?

It means where the water will be coming from. So you attach the water hose from tap to water inlet of the washing machine so that it can draw water and use it in the machine. The water outlet is where the waste is dispensed.

How do you install a washing machine?

If you are wanting to install a washing machine and the plumbing is already there, it is a cinch! Remove the old washer (Unscrew the water supply lines and unhook the drain hose). Make sure you get new water supply hoses. I like the steel braided hoses for extra strength and piece of mind. Hook up your new hoses to the correct inlets on your washer (they are marked H for hot and C for cold) Hook up your drain hose, level the washer and you are good to go! Check out the related links to get a better feel for how to install a washing machine.

What is the right height for washing machine drainage hose?

Usually as high as the washer -about 32-36 inches.

You would like to direct drain the washing machine to the adjacent laundry tub should you tap into the existing drain before or after the trap for the laundry tub?

......before, but I would not recommend direct drain. The washing machine hose must extend up above the flood rim of the washing machine before entering the drain. If not, there is a possibility of sewage backing up into your washing machine.

You own a washing machine branded sharp esp65 The drain hose was damaged and you have difficulty to replace a new oneWhere can you get the hose asap?

Contact the service centre-that is what we did.

Does it matter if the hose marked cold gets put on the hot water line washing machine?

Make sure hot and cold supply go to hot and cold on washing machine regardless of what is marked on hose. Hoses are marked so hot and cold don't get mixed up, that's all.

What is the pipe called when its connected to a washing machine?

Washer supply hose, 3/4 x 3/4Water , or you could mean drain line hose. Drain

What kind of washing machine will pump water 5 feet up when draining The basement laundry room's drain requires the washing machine to drain up?

None, but you could install a transfer pump to the drain hose of one.

How can you get user guide for Onix washing machine WM3011 or find manufacturer?

front loader pump hose for a onix brand

Where is the water valve on a washing machine?

Usually in back, but it may not be a valve on the machine itself. Look for a faucet with a hose running to the machine. If you are referring to the internal valve that turns the water on and off when the machine is cycling, that varies with the make and model of the machine.

How do you capture water from a washing machine?

Saving the water is easy enough if you have a large enough container, such as a bath tub. Making sure never to allow the end of the water-out hose is never lower than the top of the machine[or the machine will empty itself on the floor] attach a grey water hose to the out hose and the other end into your tub. When the machine pumps out the water will empty into the tub,or any where else you direct it.

Can you wash patio furniture covers?

You can wash patio furniture covers, but depending on the material you may not be able to put them in the washing machine. Read the care instructions for the manufacturer's recommendations, and wash them off with a damp cloth or hose if it's too delicate or too plastic for the washing machine.

The water in your washing machine will not go out Can this be repaired or is it time for a new one?

It could be that your hose is plugged andyou should try this first before calling it quits.

Kitchenaid washing machine cold water trickles no leeks in water pipes?

There may be a filter screen in the end of the hose that is clogged. The supply line to the hose may be clogged. The filler valve that lets water in may be bad.

Can a vinyl shower curtain be washed in the machine?

You can put it in the washing machine, but this may not be effective. Your best bet is to take it outside and use a hose or a low-pressure washer. You can also scrub it off with a toothbrush; that is always my method.

Siemens dishwasher will not drain?

If the dishwasher is hooked into a garburetor, there is a plug in the garburetor where the hose drain attaches that needs to be knocked out. The drain hose might be plugged where it joins to the plumbing drainage. The other problem, plumbing-wise, is the drain hose has to be fed as high as it can go under the sink and back down into the drain.

Can a tent be washed in a washing machine?

if your washer is big enough i guess you could, seems like it would get cleaner just by setting it up, wiping it off and rinsing with the water hose.

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