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Only found in Pearl and Platinum. Go underground and dig for the armor fossil. Then go to the muesuem in Oreburgh city and revive it by talking to the guy with a labcoat on.

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Q: How do you get a shieldon Pokemon?
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What type of Pokemon is shieldon?

Shieldon is a Rock and Steel type pokemon.

What level does shieldon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Shieldon evolves at Lv30

What level does shieldon evolve in Pokemon pearl game?

Shieldon evolves to Bastiodon at lv30.

Where do you get shieldon on Pokemon Diamond?


What Pokemon is the skull fossil?


How do you get sheildon in Pokemon Emerald?

You CAN'T get Shieldon in Pokemon Emerald. Pokemon Emerald along with Ruby and Sapphire can only obtain the very first 386 Pokemon. Shieldon is a Sinnoh Pokemon not a Kanto,Johto, or Hoenn Pokemon.

Is Shieldon an extinct Pokemon in Pearl?

you can find Shieldon by digging fossils so no he is not exictint, and its only on pearl

Where to get strengthon Pokemon diamond?

Ask your friends if they have a shieldon and trade. I traded my rhyhorn for a shieldon and it can use strength

Which Pokemon Is Better Cranidos Or Shieldon?

It Depends if youwant a defending or attacking Cranidos Is Attacking Shieldon is Defending

What is the national pokedex number for Shieldon?

Shieldon is #410 in the national pokedex, and it is a Rock-Steel type Pokemon.

How do you get a shieldon on pokemon diamond?

by an armor fossol

How do you get shieldon in Pokemon Rumble?

in rank a advanced

What Pokemon evolves from armor fossil?

a shieldon

How do you get shieldon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

trade from dppt

How do you get sheldon in platnum?

you need to have wi-fi connection if you do you can go to GTS and click Pokemon shieldon and you have to trade and then you can get shieldon and you can evolve shieldon into bastiondon at level 30.

Can someone trade a Shieldon in the platinum game?

when i play Pokemon platinum theres no one that want to trade Shieldon for strong Pokemon i hope you understand it

Which partner Pokemon are the best in Pokemon shadows for almina?

My opinion, Shieldon.

Where do you catch shieldon in diamond?

You can get a Shieldon from reviving the pokemon from the armor fossil. Shieldon evolves into Bastiodon at level 30. The Armor fossil be found underground using the mining pick.

What stone evolves shieldon in Pokemon pearl?

There is no stone that evolves Shieldon.To evolve Shieldon you have to level it up to Lv. 30.

What is the 411 on Pokemon Diamond?

Bastiodon, the evolve form of Shieldon

How do you get a bastiodon ticket in Pokemon Rumble?

release 5 shieldon

Which trainer has a shieldon in Pokemon Diamond?

There's one simple answer: trade! Cranidos is to Diamond as Shieldon is to Pearl, so find a friend who has Pearl and trade with them.

Where do you get a cranidos fossil on Pokemon platinum?

You can get all the fossils underground, except for shieldon or cranidos. You find shieldon if your ID is even and Cranidos is your ID is odd.

Can you get a shieldon Pokemon platinum?

i think you can if you can;t just use a cheat

How do you evolve shieldon in Pokemon Pearl?

train it to level 40 to get bastiodon.