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How do you get a shiny ditto in Pokemon Emerald?


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September 13, 2011 2:31AM

you must have at least 10 or above buggets if you have at least 800 nuggets(you can have this number of nuggets by cloning it is not a cheat ill tell you later)in the front of your bag and your first Pokemon must hold a nugget and you have a 30% rate to catch a shiny Pokemon.

For the cloning glitch here is it:

1.go to battle tower.

2.go to the PC (you must have atleast 6 Pokemon don't let your first and second Pokemon hold a nugget now let your 4 pokemons hold nugget in move item)

3.use move Pokemon and move all the Pokemon that was holding a nugget in box 5( your box 5 must now have any Pokemon when you put all your Pokemon that was holding a nuggets) your game properly and get all your Pokemon in box 5

7.go to the link multi girl and talk to her and eneter choose open level and use choose your first and secong party Pokemon

8.wwhen she said "we must save the game first is it alright" the said yes when this appears"would you like to save your game? yes or no" restart your game ok.

when you didnt follow this your pokemons will be release and your nuggets will be tossed away automatically so don't blame me if this happens to you cause you didnt follow what i am saying

By:John Maverick J. Galang thank you my friends in city square except koji who know only cloning 1 Pokemon i know how to clonce 5 Pokemon and below