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every 1000th wild Pokemon you meet is a shiny, so 1/1000.

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How do you get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

u just have to be lucky ive heard thatit is a 1/8193 chance you will get a shiny my friend has a shiny giritina

What legendary Pokemon are in platinum?

shymin,giritina sky form,giritina,darkrai,crecelia,mayby dialga and palkia.

Where to get Giritina On Pokemon White?

um you can't you have to get it by transffering it from Pokemon diamond,pearl or platinum

Pokemon platinum how to find giritina?

you have to beat Cyrus in the distortion world

What are the best pokemon legendaries?

Arceus, Giritina, Dialga, and Palkia. If you want to capture Giritina, Dialga, and Palkia then get pokemon platinum. Then go to spear pillar and they will appear.

How do you turn a Pokemon shiny in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot make them turn shiny, they are born shiny, and therefore you must catch them as shiny Pokemon.

What is the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Giritina unless you get the azure flute event and catch arceus

What is the difference between Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Platinum?

in platinum your person is older and when you go to spear pillar you have a chance to catch dailga, palkia and giritina.

How do you get into sunshine city in Pokemon platinum?

you have have to catch giritina at the spear pillar on mt coronet

How do you make Pokemon shiny in platinum?

Use the method of shiny chaining.

Were to get a shiny evee on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get a shiny eevee on Pokemon platinum unless you have some sort of cheets. NOT TRUE... get a shiny eevee if its the swarm of the day and then just chain them..

How do you deactivate te shiny Pokemon code in Pokemon platinum?

On Action Replay press disable Shiny Pokemon.

What is the platinum orb in Pokemon Platinum?

The "Griseous-Orb" is found in "TurnBack-Cave". It is item to be held by Giritina. It powers up ghost and dragon type moves and turns giritina into origin form(e).

Is it true that it is easier to hatch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes. Apparently it is easier to hatch shiny Pokemon from an egg in Platinum if it's parents are from another country.

Is there Pokemon platinum shiny modifier code?

Shiny encounter action replay code for platinum: 12075E52 000046C0.

How do you catch a shiny Pokemon easy?

get Pokemon platinum and fill the pokedex and then get the Pokemon radar, a tool which lets you get shiny Pokemon faster

Where is Arceus in platnum?

where is arceuse in Pokemon platinum version whe you chach giritina,palkia,and diagla

How do you catch duskull in Pokemon platinum?

After you catch giritina youll come to spring field and it will be there in the grass!

Where is giritina in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Giratina is not available in Leaf Green, he is catchable only in Platinum version.

In Pokemon platinum where is giritina?

It is found in the Distortion world- the entrance is at the spear pillar in Mt. Coronet

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