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By auditioning for the part or show. They don't come to you - you must apply yourself and become someone of notoriety in your region. This is done by doing public singing engagements, participating in programs, etc.

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When did David archulata get his singing contract?

in amiricaN IDOL

When did elivis get a contract for singing?

I don't know why are u asking

How old did Nikki Webster started singing?

She was five when she started singing, dancing and acting lessons and doing musical theater. She signed her recording contract at 13.

Where would you go if you wanted to be a singer?

You can join a singing contest or apply singing in a bar. It would be better if a prestigious/famous one. If you have what it takes to be a singer, a career/contract is not far away.

What do American Idol win?

what do American idol win??? well they win a big singing contract and alot of money...

Is a mountain road tortuous or torturous?

A mountain road is tortuous. My singing is torturous. And when I violate a contract I am being tortious.

What did Miley Cyrus do to get the contract?

I think all she did was play Hannah Montana and i guess they thought she had a really good singing voice!

How do you become a famous singer with your friend?


Is there online singing auditions?

hmm.. can say.. go to upload your karaoke file.. u may get a contract, dude!!!

What do the top ten winners on American Idol win in prizes and money for season eleven?

singing contract and considerable amount of money

Why did no one sign Tamera Mowry to a singing contract?

I Think It's Because So Many People Are Becoming Singer's and They Don't Want People Too Start Thinking They Can Get a Contract Just Cause They Have A "Good Voice"

How old were you when you started singing?

i was singing since 1st grade i begged for my school principal to have a choir and now this Saturday i am going to an audition for a commercial and a recording contract. follow your dreams they will chase you some day since I was 10 years old. Some people who say yeah they have a singing contract and all that I got told that all before show offs really who can't sing and belive they can sing lol I dislike singing I have a good voice but I just don't like singing. The people who don't show off about singing are usually the one's who can sing. most girls say they can sing and there so talented when it comes to a audition yeah they don't get it. I've been singing since I was seven and my voice is nowhere near perfect. I love singing. I don't really like performing in public because I'm quite nervous and am self concious so... yeah. I started singing when I was seven.

How did Rihanna get discovered?

basically she was in Barbados with her mom singing to herself and a man approached her and asked her to audition for his records and he liked her so they signed a contract

How old was Shakira when she started sinnging?

Shakira was 4 yrs old when she started singing, and at the age of thirteen she signed her first official contract with Sony BMG.

Why Justin Bieber got famous at youtube?

He posted certain videos of himself singing. Unfortunatly he was seen by record dealers, so he was in a contract to sing for his fans

What happend to singing group the boys?

The boys did not accept the last contract from Mo-Town after 92. They are currently in Gambia, Africa and produce music under the name "The Suns"

What is the show Super Idol about?

Super Idol is a Taiwanese television show. It is a singing competition that is like American Idol and the Voice. A recording contract is given to the winner of the competition.

The carpenter singing The mason singing The boatman singing The shoemaker singing.?

Parallelism ~ Apex ~

What is singing of quality?

Good singing , or singing nicely

What is solo singing?

solo singing is singing by yourself

Who is the most richest singing artist?

Miley Cyrus of course! Whether she's Miley or Hannah Montana, everyone loves her. she once signed a $25 million dollar contract.

Can singing do anything to you?

singing can help practice your singing ability

How would you characterize the singing in Whitman's poem I Hear America Singing?

The singing was their work The singing was their lives.

What is talk singing called?

Singing is singing. And if its a fast kind of talk of singing its most probably a rap.

Where did Taylor swift work as a singer and why?

she started singing just to herself and eventually she entered her school talent shows and one day at the bluebird cafe, the person who started big machine records heard her and signed her for a recording contract. she started singing because she loved it and that was how she could just be herself.