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If you pull the handle toward you , it should release and pop open.

My van door is diabolical. Sometimes it opens just by pulling the handle but not always. You may have to use your right hand to open the handle and your left hand to pry the door away from the body a bit. On some models there is a child proof lock so it can't be opened from the inside. Make sure that isn't on if you're trying from the inside.

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Q: How do you get a sliding door open on a Chevy Astro van?
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how do you get the door open

How do you unlock rear door on a 1996 Chevy astro van when stuck closed?

my back door to my astro van is jammed some how cannot open it is there another way to open this door. Desperate,

How do you replace a power lock solenoid for 1995 Astro Van?

sliding door want open 89000 miles is their a way to open the sliding door when it will not open on the passenger door frame or housing is 2 rubber plugs i remove them i can see what look like 2 bolts with holes in them is their away to open the sliding door with them or any other way

Sliding door won't open after opening the fuel door?

With the fuel door open the sliding door should not operate, this is so you dont slam the sliding door into the fuel door when it is open, not really sure of the question here.

How do you remove a rear door on a 1986 Chevy Astro Van?

open it up and back into a tree this worked for me

How can you get a jammed driver side door lock back into the open position when the door is open on a 1998 Chevy astro van when master lock and keys and pliers don't budge it?

== == Pull on the inside door handle and it will release it so you can reset the mechanism with your fingers. This solution also worked on a Chevy Astro van 1990.

How do you open sliding door?

What kind of sliding door?,,,,, Vehicle? House? Bank Vault?

How do you open a locked car door on a Chevy Astro?

I call AAA Roadside Assistance. Best bargain in the country for auto owners.

How do you replace the backdoor latch on a Chevy astro van 1997?

in my 88 astro van I had to completely break out the back handle to first get the door open then I was able to remove interior door cover to do thr replacement. in my 99 asto van I was able to remove the interior cover to open the door then replace the handle.

How do i change the speakers in my Astro van?

how do I remove rear speaker in rear door 94 astro van rear door will not open

My new dog can open the sliding door which is the only usable entrance. Is there a way I can have the door shut which can be opened by a childnot dog from inside and outside of the sliding door?

If your dog can open the sliding door, you can use a broom handle to keep the door shut by wedging it so that the door will not slide. This will allow a child to open the door and block the dog from opening the door. You could also keep the door locked and teach the child how to unlock the door.

How do you fix a Chevy Astro sliding door that doesn't want to open when you pull the outside handle but is easy from the inside?

you need to remove the inner door panel because there is most likely a rod that has come out of place. look for it too be hanging loose some where close to the latch or the outter handle the rod should reatach to the door handle assembly some what easilly

How do you go inside the mill astro nights?

Open the door.

How do you open Mordred's door in Astro Knights Poptropica?

you do the puzzle

How do you open a sliding door?

the trick is in the name really, you slide it. ???

If the Honda odyssey sliding doors won't always open when you pull the door handle what could be wrong?

A disconnected door handle linkage can cause your sliding doors not to open. The locking mechanism may not be fully disengaging, of which will cause your door not to open.

The power sliding door on a Chevy Venture will not open?

i have this same problem in my van so we figured out that you have to act like your going to open the door from the outside and then put up on the lock from the inside then it should open The door will not unlock from either side while closed. l think i mupst start by removing door panel but then what ?

How do you remove a spare tire 1995 Chevy astro van if the dutch door wont open?

You can access the mechanism to lower the spare tire from under the van.

How do you open 1992 Chevy 1500 door with out key?

if you have a rear sliding window use a table knife to jimmy the catch and if you're to big insert a kid

What is wrong that your passenger sliding door won't release to open on a 2002 Chevy Venture Van?

Linkage is out of adjustment or bent. Release handle broken or bent.

Passenger sliding door won't open on my Chevy venture?

The sliding doors have brass contacts on the front of them. They need cleaned with emery cloth or steel wool occasionally and then lubricated with dielectric grease to prevent them from corroding quickly.

What do yo do if you complete the door puzzle on Astro Knights Island and the door will not open?

you have to finish the puzzle then click on the door

Sliding door 2005 Ford Freestar?

door catches on a latch partly open how can it be repaired

How do you make a regular door into a sliding door?

Open the wall and build a pocket. Try an encyclopedia!!!!!

How do you get the rear dutch doors on a Chevy Astro open?

IF you are looking to open the doors all the way. on the inside door frame you will find a guide and a spring that attaches to the door and the frame the flat steal guide set in a pin on the door frame lift it and it should pop off the pin this enables the door to swing all the way open.