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Diet and exercise. Go low calorie with a good percentage of your calories coming from protein. Then exercise your abdomen to get a little muscle tone. Crunches will help pull in your waist. Much of the abdominal "pooch" comes from slack muscles. If you tone the abs with crunches, you'll take care of a lot of that. Recognize that you can't taraget fat reduction. You can't decide that you want to loose weight just on your hips or just on your chin. Your body will follow it's genetic programming. But you can tone certain muscle groups so that the muscles will hold up those areas. Sometimes if you've lost weight in a lot of other places and just can't get one spot to thin down, the only possible other option is to go for Liposuction. But don't try that one until you've exhausted every other possibility.

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2006-04-16 22:10:14
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Q: How do you get a smaller waist?
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