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Diet and exercise. Go low calorie with a good percentage of your calories coming from protein. Then exercise your abdomen to get a little muscle tone. Crunches will help pull in your waist. Much of the abdominal "pooch" comes from slack muscles. If you tone the abs with crunches, you'll take care of a lot of that. Recognize that you can't taraget fat reduction. You can't decide that you want to loose weight just on your hips or just on your chin. Your body will follow it's genetic programming. But you can tone certain muscle groups so that the muscles will hold up those areas. Sometimes if you've lost weight in a lot of other places and just can't get one spot to thin down, the only possible other option is to go for Liposuction. But don't try that one until you've exhausted every other possibility.

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Q: How do you get a smaller waist?
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How does you waist get smaller in space?

the organs move upwards which shifts your waist

Can you wear a corset without making your waist smaller?

Corsets don't work through magic. Unless it's tight, it won't make your waist smaller. Unless you wear it often, it won't make your waist smaller.

Does wearing a corset help give you a smaller waist?

yes, wearing a corset gives you a smaller waist and usually boosts your breasts .

Why do peoples waist get smaller in space?

Your waist gets expands in space because there is no pressure.

Do corsets make your waist skinny?

Yes. Because over time, if you wear it long enough, your waist will get squeezed smaller, which is unhealthy.

Is 34 inch waist size is big for a man?

No. a bit smaller then average

What foods make your chest bigger and your waist smaller?

potados and potadeos snad

What is the thing called that you wear under a dress to make your waist smaller?

A corset.

Do they make jockstraps for children?

i havent herd of themm Yes - there are boys/youth sizes, with smaller waist sizes and smaller pouches.

What is the required waist length for modeling?

It is not the waist length that is important but the measurement of the waist's circumference. In modeling it is ideally 24 inches or smaller, but no larger than 25 inches.

What is the girth of a humpback whale?

Just A Little Bit Smaller Than Adele's Waist Line

How do you get a smaller waist and a bigger butt?

by twisting ur body everyday and eating cheese alltime

Why are there bones in some wedding dresses?

The bones in a wedding dress (they are now more flexible and not as difficult to wear) are from under the breast line to the waist pulling in the waist to make it look smaller.

Can you actually get your lower ribs removed?

Yes. You can have your lower ribs removed to make your waist appear smaller

How much models waist and bust?

24" is the ideal waist size for female models according to agency standards or smaller but no larger than 1 inch so 25" would be the max for the waist. Bust size is ideally 34" and cup size varies.

How do I alter the waist of my jeans?

It is hard to let out a waist of jeans unless they have already been taken in. To take in a pair of jeans to make them smaller, you would fold in a small edge on the inside and sew it shut.

What is the waist inches in a womans size 22?

A woman's size 22 pant or skirt measures at 42 inches for the waist and 50 inches for the low hip. In alphabetic sizes, this would be a smaller 2X.

When you hug a girl do they like it if you hug their shoulders of waist?

If you are really close friends then go crossed (diagonal) and if she is your girlfriend go around the waist. If you are smaller then her just try whatever is most comfortable:) x

What is the homophone for waste?

waste and waistwaste waistwaist He wore a belt around his waist.

What is the average waist measurement for a seventeen year old male?

The average waist measurement for a seventeen year old male is 32 inches. Female teenagers average slightly smaller at around 30 inches.

What are the ideal bust waist hip measurements for a 5'5 woman?

Ideal is a matter of personal preference. Growing up in the 1960's, I was told that bust and hip should be the same, with a waist ten inches smaller.

Does suran wrap make your waist smaller?

If a person wraps their stomache with suran wrap, does that help burn belly fat?

Where can you find jockstraps for boys?

Most sporting goods stores carry youth sizes, many down to a 20" waist or smaller.

I am 5'4 male Would a size 26 arena jammer fit me?

It more depends on your waist size rather that your height. A 26 jammer will be a good size for a person with a waist size of 26-30 inches 26- comfortable 28- good compression (faster) 30- great comperssion (fastest, do not go any smaller in suit size with this waist!)

What is the anagram for waist?

The anagram for waist is waits.