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by writing to the respective clubs and asking for a trial. state your position, age, level etc and ask if they are interested. if they are you will get a reply, if not, you wont. Then pee on his shoe and say suck on that Fergie!!

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What field is bigger rugby field or a soccer field?

soccer field

Which is bigger a soccer field or a football field?

Soccer field

Which field is bigger football or soccer field?

soccer field

Can a soccer field be a rectangle?

A soccer field must be a rectangle.

Is a soccer field bigger than a football?

Yes in professional soccer a soccer field is bigger than a football field.

Length of a soccer field?

the length of a soccer field is 120 yards

Is the forward the leader on the soccer field?

no the goalie is the leader on the soccer field

Official size of a soccer field?

what is the perimeter and area of a soccer field

What is the volume of a soccer field?

A soccer field is two dimensional and has no volume.

How long is a boy's soccer field?

it is half of a men soccer field

Can a soccer field be 100 by 100?

No, a soccer field is a rectangle, not a square.

Does Singapore Polytechnic have a soccer field?

Singapore Polytechnic has a soccer field.

What does check in and out mean in soccer?

Check in is to check your self in ball wise while statistically speaking yes or no in the fact that checking out is the self in ball wise of unstatistically speaking. So they are different from each other, yet check in and check out is checking but different ways of soccer in the field.

How big is a soccer field in acres?

A soccer field is around 1.98 acres

How many miles in a soccer field?

There is 6 to 7 miles in a soccer field

How many squares are on a soccer field?

There are no squares on a soccer field. There are, however, rectangles.

When was Matador Soccer Field created?

Matador Soccer Field was created in 2002.

How do you invite a soccer scout to your college soccer game?

you start by getting the name correct *football

Where are activities of soccer held?

at a soccer field

The length of a soccer field?

The Lenght of the soccer field is 105m while the breadth is 68m

What is the line in the center of a soccer field?

The line in the center of a soccer field is the center line.

Diagram of soccer playing field?

A soccer field, also known as a football pitch, is the field on which the sport soccer is played. You could easily find a diagram online.

How do you find the volume of a soccer field?

A soccer field us a two dimensional item and does not have a volume. If you wanted the volume of a soccer field , 1 ft deep, you could do that.

How do i get sponsored for soccer?

You get sponsored for soccer by going and trying out for select or getting a talent scout to come see you.

What can you do after retirment from professional soccer?

You can become a coach, a manager, or a scout.